Bug Out - Trailer Surprise

Our trailer weighs around 7,000lbs loaded. With the F-250 and trailer combined we’re pushing 14,000lbs. After putting the rig through its paces for about 1,100 miles, we experienced a near total disintegration of one of the trailer’s tires. The left rear lost 70% of its tread, 60% of it sidewalls and 100% of its usefulness.

The surprise occurred on a downhill turn where the tire was on the outside of the curve. As I was looking in the rear view

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Ka-Bar Fighting Knife Review - as a Bushcraft Knife

While viewing some vids on sharpening, I eventually came across this bushcraft performance review of the venerable Ka-Bar USMC blade. It’s one of my favorites. I recognize a few limitations in its use, but that’s because it was designed for killing people primarily, and jungle survival secondarily as a rather happy accident. Anyway, his tests are straightforward operational procedures chosen for their backwoods utility. I thought it was very well done.

Video is from NaturalBushcraft on YouTube, where there are

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Potential New Battery for Prepper Stocks

Photo souce, P&G

It’s no secret that battery power for preppers is a bib topic. Storing batteries is a practice that sours the mind with the thought that those expensive items will degrade over time. Getting a couple good years out of them was supposed to be easy – if you wrapped them in moisture proof bags and stuffed them into a freezer.

Well, now Duracell is claiming the biggest leap forward in battery tech since the CopperTop™. This

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Shotgun Scabbard

I picked up a Condor Tactical “rifle” scabbard that I later learned is intended for shotguns. I like it anyway. It was hanging on the wall at a store I occasionally visit. My original reason for heading there was to see if they had a shoulder bandoleer setup for shotgun shells, similar to the waist belt version I own. The shot shell holders work well for my .45-70 ammo, which is much the same size as .410 shells. I did

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NEW - LP's Amazon Store for Various Items of Interest

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t, but we now have a store for a few things. We opted to go with the Amazon setup for ease of use. Up front, we’ll tell you that some of the proceeds go to supporting this site, but not all. A good deal of what is in the store has no remuneration to A Survival Plan at all, but is included because we either have experience with it, or know someone who does –

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Gear Review, MedCallAssist - MedCallOutfitter Kit

The MedCallOutfitter Kit™ by MedCallAssist™ is designed to provision the owner with medical supplies on his person, and emergency medical consultation from a doctor. The supplies are serious medications and accessories chosen to fight many major infections, and treat traumatic injuries. They are stored in an M3 style medical bag built by Voodoo Tactical. The consultation is a 24-7 emergency service provided by MedCallAssist’s™ on-call doctors. Together, these components create a powerful medical treatment system for anyone that does not

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Back from the Coast, & the MedCallOutfitter Kit

I was out West with the better half, recharging our batteries. We had a refreshing time walking the shores and experiencing that peace we find on the sands, watching the sun go down, and listening to the waves at night.

But now we’re back, and some work has lined up for us. This last week, we had the opportunity to examine the specialized MedCallOutfitter Kit™, created by MedCallAssist™. This kit is more than a collection of First-Aid items in a

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An Introduction to IFAKs (Individual First Aid Kits)

Warning: There are TEN videos on this page, and a few of them are “graphic” in nature. If you are studying prepping with children, review this page before showing them.

Update: 1 Nov, 2014. There are a few items you may want to include in your IFAK. I consider them “upgrades” to QuickClot and the flexible naso-pharyngeal airways. The last update is a link to a post illustrating the usage of Celox products in a bleeding test environment. It is

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Just Surfing Some Rocket Stove Sites...

Thought I’d share some links to various “rocket stove” resources.

Permaculture Magazine’s 16 Brick Stove Root Simple brick and mortar stove Rocket Stove Hot Water Heater – Youtube How to Make a 16 Brick Rocket Stove – Youtube Solar Cooking’s Wikia entry

I was just reviewing a few things and got sidetracked onto this. I have a pile of bricks left over from some demo. I think I’ll try this – with a few twists on it, and see what

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