12 A/C for Your Van?

A YouTube video from The Low Buck Prepper.

Interesting video. He get 78 degree air from the outlet in 90 degree weather. His cooling medium is 4 small frozen plastic water bottles. Warm air forced in, cool air out.

Simple idea, that begs for tinkering. I haven’t built one, but I might. If I do, it is likely I’ll play expert and try a few modifications.

First, I’d go with a shorter up stack. The longer a tube, the

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A Baic Primer for Buying a 1911

Here is an article I found that discusses various incarnations of the famous 1911 handgun. A good read for those wishing to get some up-to-date info on what is available. It’s from 3 years ago, but I found the information useful.



Post Hole Digger - Twist Type

We lost one of our cats last week. Haven’t figured out what he died from. Absent obvious trauma, getting to the bottom of such mysteries is difficult at best. I respectfully buried him the next morning in a plot out front where we’ll set up a little flower garden. That spot was never any good for food production anyway.

Around here, the soil can be a pain to break up. Sometimes a mattock or pick ax is required to get

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A Chunnel - and not the English Channel Version

Chickens like to get around. They can be confined for a while but, given their choice, they will opt to get out and stretch their legs. While a farm or a large covered aviary might provide this space for them, backyard chicken keepers are usually limited to a small run for hen happiness.

ZucchiniMom at Suburban Homesteading was pleased to receive a rather original present from her hubby. He built her a Chicken Tunnel, or “Chunnel”, that extended the range

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Prep & Pantry Review

How Much Stuff Do I Have?

Let’s face it. When our preps get to be more than just a few day’s worth of food and related items, remembering what we have gets to be a chore. As the inventory gets even larger, remembering expiration dates and item locations can be overwhelming. Pen & paper and spreadsheets can help, but wouldn’t something like what the supermarkets use be nice to have? How can we quickly scan-in and scan-out things into

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Prep and Pantry

From the Prep and Pantry website

An ingenious individual has added one more great piece to the world of iPhone Apps – Prep and Pantry. Prep and Pantry is an iPhone and iPad based inventory system for all your food stocks, but can also be used for any other item. We have been playing with it here at The Keep, and have found it to be very useful. Other applications are out there, but this one has them beat

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Will This Faraday Cage Work?

I’m not sure that the open mesh created by screen material will work in defeating the effects of an EMP pulse . I’m a believer in complete sealing and shut out – a metal box with a metal seal. The silencing of the radio is interesting, but that only shows that one range of freqs is attenuated. EMP pulses are expected to produce energy over a wide spectrum. I’m curious, though.

Potential issues that I see are:

The radio’s antenna

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Automated UAV - discovered post from 2009

I was looking for some UAV material when I came across a post from 2009. It talks briefly about a home-built UAV setup with a 100KM range. Yes, you read that right – 100 kilometers. It operates on HAM band, thus the power and range capabilities. It is also guided by GPS for unattended flight mode. While the post is on “Hack a Day”, the real information is at the other end of the links provided. Certainly makes for some

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Does Tying Knots Leave YOU in Knots?

I think everyone can make simple knots, sometimes when not trying! But can most people tackle the harder and more useful knots learned by Boy Scouts, military personnel and our grandparents?

I recently came across an App for iOS (iPhone, iPad) called What Knot, as in, What Knot To Do in the Great Outdoors – by the Columbia Sportswear Co.

Screen Shot from What Not, via iTunes

This App presents 70 different knots by category, and shows how to

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iPhone App - Prep and Pantry

Started using the full version of Prep and Pantry recently, to organize our food stocks. It has a few features suited well to Preppers, one of which is the “Locations” option. Locations allows you to set specific names for physical places where you keep things, so that everything there can be inventoried and labeled as separate. So, if you want to group together all your backstock of BOB supplies, and have them available for reference without looking through all other

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