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Advice Given to Family Member re: LTS Foods

A while back I wrote an interested family member a few thoughts on LTS food (Long Term Storage) for himself and his teenaged children. He is a budding prepper who has embraced the self defense side of things quite readily and is now working on foods and income. These last two are where I would love to see him concentrate his efforts.



I’ll start off by saying that

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Mountain House Freeze Dried Pork Chops

There is a sale over at Emergency Essentials on Mountain House FD Pork Chops. Just got the e-mail today. I was curious, so I did some reading over there Рthen elsewhere Рthen EVERYwhere.

18 to a can, 1/2″ thick, trimmed of fat. Uncooked. That’s a big thing. “Why?”, you ask. Because uncooked means you get to prepare and season it to your taste – not the producer’s. Emergency Essentials

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Everybody Has Coffee in Their Preps, Right?

Booze and smokes make it onto some preppers’ lists as barter items, or just for plain old happy relaxing time when the day’s business of capping zombies and fighting world corruption is complete. Others add tea and coffee for similar reasons. Well, here is a “study” that claims an intake of 200 – 300 mg of caffeine enhances memory. That could be really handy if you lose your printouts of

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Cleaning the Berkey Light Filter Bucket

Image from

Mrs. LP, my beautiful wife, the woman who saved my life by marrying me, did a cleaning job on our Berkey-Light kitchen filtration unit.  We scrub the elements to expose fresh matrix per instruction, and scrub the tubs, too. But our water does leave quite a bit of mineral deposit. Over time, they collect on the walls of the clean water bucket at the bottom of

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Tilapia Without the Health Risks - Raise Your Own

Image from, via OffTheGridNews

I found a very nice article and video on a small scale Tilapia raising method. Check out this article over at Off The Grid News. It discusses a 1,000 gallon /250 fish system that can be run in a basement. I looked at the math, and based on his ratios (and my own experience raising fresh and salt water fish), it would be dirt

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The Destroyer Cometh

I was doing some work on Part III of the EMP series when my wife called my attention to an insidious problem. “Unsorted Bag” of our medical preps had become contaminated. This was a small bag plastic /vinyl bag about 15″ long, 7″ wide with a zipper closure along the top, and two flexible handles. Just an ordinary black bag with four rubber feet along the bottom. In it was

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