What Is Important to Some Preppers ...

… might seem silly to others.

I had the opportunity to see inside the mind of a prepper today. This guy has been removed from the scene due to some strange activities he conducted. Illegal activities. The kind that any sane person would run away from – quickly and quietly. Anyway, he left behind some storage units that went into arrears, and were auctioned-off. A family friend invited us over to take a peek and see what the guy had

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$5 per Gallon - Fond Memories?

What would you say if I were to ask you, “Would you ever wish for gas at $5 per gallon? Well, I’m asking. I heard a report today that described the fuel needs present in China and India. It stated that by next year, they very well could be demanding the importation of oil at a rate larger than what the world can provide to them.

From “Fueling the Dragon – China’s Race into the Oil Market”

With 1.3 billion

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Budget Updates

Today, I lined up the budget for the year, which includes estimated income for regular pay days, recurring monthly expenses and some estimates for changes throughout the year. If you don’t use a budget planner of some sort, I strongly urge you to do so. No plan can possibly work to its best without knowing what available resources exist, and most will flatly fail.

The budget files available for free download on our Budgets page will need tweaking for your

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