UAVs for Private Use (Tri and Quad Copters)

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) offer quite a bit to the prepper. Small, inexpensive radio-controlled aircraft have now come down in price such that a prepper might build one, or have one built, for less than $1,000. That might seem like a lot, and they surely can go up in price from there, but they provide options to the prepper’s lifestyle and security that should be considered by certain individuals and groups in our community.

I’ll present you with a few

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Some BORV Upgrade Recommendations

I was going through some information I collected, and decided I should share with you some electrical options for RVs /BOVs. Battery life is always an issue when dry camping. A generator has its advantages, but it needs fuel, and makes noise. It is necessary when running accessories with big current draws – generally those items requiring 120 volts. The 12 volt system can get by without a generator if it uses efficient lighting, and has a decent recharging system

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NEW - LP's Amazon Store for Various Items of Interest

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t, but we now have a store for a few things. We opted to go with the Amazon setup for ease of use. Up front, we’ll tell you that some of the proceeds go to supporting this site, but not all. A good deal of what is in the store has no remuneration to A Survival Plan at all, but is included because we either have experience with it, or know someone who does –

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Gear Review, MedCallAssist - MedCallOutfitter Kit

The MedCallOutfitter Kit™ by MedCallAssist™ is designed to provision the owner with medical supplies on his person, and emergency medical consultation from a doctor. The supplies are serious medications and accessories chosen to fight many major infections, and treat traumatic injuries. They are stored in an M3 style medical bag built by Voodoo Tactical. The consultation is a 24-7 emergency service provided by MedCallAssist’s™ on-call doctors. Together, these components create a powerful medical treatment system for anyone that does not

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BORVs – Extended Uses

New RV page added. Shared a few ideas on extended uses for Bug Out RVs. More and more people are seeking information on RVs as BOVs. We intend to add more ideas, uses and warnings to the RV Prepper Community.

BORVs - Security and Options

Added a new “page”, under BOV, for RVs. This one deals with on-the-road and camp security. The BORV has some major security concerns. Check out these ideas for minimizing them.

Bug Out RVs (BORV) update

Going to be updating the BORV section this weekend with some pictures and some thoughts on security. Now, the manifestation of these two might not be what you would expect, but they come from a standpoint of reality and setting expectations.

The more tactically minded of you, however, will have some thoughts… so feel free to shout out.

BOL (Bug Out Locations) - How Far Away?

As with just about any question an inquisitive prepper poses, the answer often begins with yet another question. “How far away from what, exactly?” The underlying expectation of most asking this question is an answer that will help them decide how far away from everything, everyone, is safe. Grid down, TEOTWAWKI, ______ collapse, you name it…. the disaster of each person’s dreams is the foundation for their preparations.

“….from what?” Answer that first. In general, a BOL is positioned such

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The Lifer Prepper BOV

You want a really cool bug out vehicle, but can’t afford it. Besides, your current ride does the job just fine getting the kids around, or getting you to the work site. You see what the experts recommend, but wonder to yourself, “Why can’t my modern day, electronically controlled ______ work for me?”

I asked myself that same thing when I read a letter on Rawles blog some time ago. I wondered about it just long enough to sit down

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A Bug Out Vehicle … or is it Bug In??

Okay, so this little, ummm, car? – serves a purpose … for somebody. According to the people inside the store in front of which this thing was parked, the owner comes in semi-regularly for supplies.

This creation /mutation has:

a solar panel air conditioner refrigerator propane supply sleeper closet?? (storage, anyway…) coolers …and some other strange things…

Check out the porch light leading the way in front of the “addition” on the roof. The vent on the quarter panel appears

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