Paul Seyfried, Utah Shelter Systems Interview

I came across this interview a lil while ago. Paul let’s it hang out, here. Every time I’ve spoken with the man, he has kept it real. You will get ZERO BS from Paul. Just cool, calm professional goodness on all things shelter.

I liked seeing this quote….

“Even though our shelters today  have kitchens made by a custom cabinet shop, and bunks made from furniture-grade plywood, we don’t make shelters that look like motor homes on the inside. We build combat shelters. So they are rather utilitarian and unattractive.”

COMBAT shelters. Folks, you do NOT have to be in fighting mode all the time. Your equipment, while it may be useful in combat, doesn’t have to BE in combat every day. What I’m saying here, is, you can use things in a civilized manner during civilized times. Combat shelters are just “shelters” during normal and emergency times. But when it comes to the day-of-nasty-decisions, these things can be very useful as a base.

“(Like the movie) one competitor glitzes up his shelters with home appliances that are absolutely useless when things go in the toilet, since the zillions of dollars in infrastructure needed to run these water and power hungry items will be gone. The space occupied by a washing machine will store a year’s supply of freeze-dried food for an adult. Maybe more.”

I won’t name those guys (I DO know who they are), but if you’re into shelters at all, you can probably figure it out. There is bad blood there. The reason for it is something else you could likely deduce.

I won’t hold you up any longer. READ THIS THING. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy it. Paul is an awesome guy. Imma gunna get me another coffee and read it again. Right now….

Utah Shelter Systems: A Deep Dive Into Safe Underground Shelters

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