New Blog by a Friend of Mine - Prep For Free

You might notice a new banner to the right of the page. It is a link to Prep For Free, which is a new blog written by my friend Nancy Argyle. She has a personal approach to building the fabric of a prepper’s material existence – the “preps.” Her title pretty much sums up her blog’s focus, prepping for free. I’m following her, and I think anyone could benefit from what she has to share.

From her profile:

 Nancy is one of Canada’s foremost disaster communicators, having led teams with as many as 28 emergency information officers through 11 natural disasters. Her past accomplishments include roles as chairperson of the Federal/Provincial Emergency Preparedness Communications Group, chairperson of the Emergency Planners and News Broadcasters Committee and chairperson of the Emergency Preparedness Week Steering Committee. Today, she owns Argyle and Associates Ltd., her communications company ( where she shares her insight and expertise in emergency planning and crisis communications with various clients. With more than 25 years experience as a government director of communications and a former news reporter, Nancy also holds a commercial pilot’s license and has been an aviation enthusiast for many years.

Also, follow Nancy on Twitter at, or @Plan_Prep_Live.

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