Is the Economy Imploding? Zero Hedge

2008 was the apex of our last boom economy, where the financial and private sectors, including personal wealth building by individuals, created record wealth through myriad leverage schemes. A lot of this was invisible to giddy investors in the market and housing industries. When that bubble began to leak air at a dizzying rate, the truth was still lost on people. (No wonder they fell for the “Stimulus” B.S..)

Since then, the worry warts have multiplied like rats. I generally ignore a lot of what they say. “The market just plunged 350 points!” “Yeah? So what. It’ll gain that back in a day or two, or even grow faster.”

And it does….

Here’s where the “but” comes in. A ZeroHedge article (I know, I know….) pub’d some interesting graphs. They come from different sources, and tell the same story. The title of the article says it all. “The Economy is Imploding”  I won’t bother you with quotes. Best to read the whole thing in context. The crux of it is that major economic measurements from around the world are all pointed down, and currently sit below 2008 levels. Yes, they have done this before, but I can’t remember a report that has them ALL down there.

Does it mean something bad is happening, or about to? I dunno.

But it has my attention…..

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