Ebola Preps - Masks (P-100, NOT N-95)

Just a quick note. A LOT of “prepping” sites are saying part of your Ebola kit (or more rightly named, you Pandemic Kit) is the N-95 mask. Well, NIOSH has changed the rules determining the makeup of the N-95, which has rendered most of them sub-standard. But more than that, the characteristics of the N-95 are NOT OPTIMAL.

There is a better mask commonly available, though a touch pricier. The P-100. P rated masks will handle dry dust-borne contaminants, but they will also handle oils /liquids.  Think sneezes and coughs and you’ll get the picture.

Stock P-100 ONLY, and you cover the widest range of particulate contaminants.

P-100 folks.

More on kits to follow…. Gotta run and earn my keep.

2 comments to Ebola Preps – Masks (P-100, NOT N-95)

  • I am really glad you posted this. I have been advocating P-100 masks from day one. It is good to see someone else that understands the differences.


    • LP

      Thanks, Jerry. I have a number of posts in the works, but the PPE Kit post will be next. P-100 masks /filters are simply the best. The “Ebola kit” sellers are somehow stuck on N-95 in most cases. If the bug takes off this winter, (as the Army declared it transmissible along the lines of Influenza A), N-95 usage will get people killed. If we have a Suicide Infector campaign waged here, it will get a LOT of people killed.

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