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FLIR, the big time thermal imaging folks that bring the invisible to your eyes has introduced a new line of imagers that start around $499.  This line includes infrared and thermal cameras so I’m not sure at what price point the good stuff starts. They have not answered me back, yet. It has promise, though.

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A retreat that houses a small number of people may need some assistance in watching over things, especially in off shift. I’m a believer in force multipliers, and the Observation Post could certainly benefit from an capability boost.

FLIR’s e-mail announcement me to thinking. If it is true that a thermal answer to the darkness problem is now within reach of any homesteader, then how might it be put to use? mobile Observation Post, or mobile O/P.

The mobile O/P in this discussion is an electronic replacement for the standard human-occupied spy spot. While not as quickly trained toward an interesting sound or movement as a human eye is, it can see a whole lot more. Her is how I see it set up.

  • A cube-shaped box mount, set up to hold local brush or earth as camo
  • Camera on top, on a pan /tilt gimbal
  • Covered by a flat earth tone dome that moves with the camera so only the aperture uses a clear lexan view port
  • Powered by battery within the box
  • Optional solar charger for positions that may stay in place for long periods of time
  • Wireless connection to the home base

These mobile O/Ps can be moved around at will. Obviuosly, if there are enough of them, a more permanent placement can be used, to include:

  • Fiber optic connection back to the base, so ethernet range limitations won’t affect planning
  • Power to the site via underground conduit
  • Elevated placement for better overall viewing

Just some thoughts. As I get more info from FLIR, I will update.


2 comments to Mobile Observation Posts

  • Looking forward to more info on this. I have been keeping an eye on this type of product, and it is still well out of my price range. Hopefully FLIR will get the prices down.


    Just my opinion.

    Jerry D Young

    • LP

      Part of the e-mail I received read this way….
      “As far as pricing, I can provide you with MSRP guidance-
      Mini bullets- $499 MSRP
      Standard Bullets- $1700 (320 res) and $2995 (640 res)”

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