Ebola Virus as a Terrorist Weapon in the United States

First off – I must share that I am not a medical professional, and certainly not a bio-warfare expert. That said, I do draw from personal relationships with current and past war-fighters, medical professionals, historians, and other individuals with their hands in related areas of study. From these, and my own war-gaming and study, I think I might at least approximate some of the thinking or planning going on in the fevered heads of our jihadi enemies. What I want to write about here is in no way a topic that is unique to my own thinking. I would be incredibly surprised if our honored defenders in the armed forces and medical communities, and even the bastard children of evil within jihadi ranks, have not considered these things.

I am writing this for John Q. Public, and for the newer inductees into our armed forces and medical professions. In my own personal opinion, and that of a few others I trust, the following are not just possible methods for killing us here in our homeland, but likely under active consideration even as we share this page with each other. Don’t read for sensationalist reasons, and don’t think that others will read for ideas. These things exist en masse across the internet. Read to understand what to look for in an attack. Read to fuel your imagination for your own war-gaming of events.

What I want you to come away with is the seed for your own plan for self protection, and that of those you love, in the event that these suicidal creatures actually do get their bile ducts in a row and pull off an attack.

Weaponized Biological Agents

Remember the scares based on anthrax, ricin, botulism and others? Remember how taking this and that nasty bug, converting it to an American killer was all the scare? Taking a naturally occurring infectious agent and adapting it to military purposes requires serious preparation of the bug for storage, maintenance and survivability throughout the dispersal process and subsequent exposure to the environment during the infection stage. In short, whatever it is has to remain infectious during transport, dispersal (usually via explosive or other high pressure means) and end game.

Most biological agents require modification in some way. Encapsulation is one. Basically, it is preparing the bug to exist within a cocoon for protection against mechanical and environmental insult. The cocoon dissolves away when acted upon by the infected person’s body. Liquids works their way on these things.

Ebola can survive for several hours in a moist medium outside the body. Body fluids are a welcome home for this bug when it is in this state. Any fluid within the body of a heavily infected person can be a home to Ebola, but the more commonly accepted fluids are blood, mucous and lymph. Basically, anything that courses through the body is home to it.

Ebola as a weaponized agent is a fearsome thing, but to survive in the wild, it must quickly find a suitable home. If left to dry out and be exposed to UV light, it will die. Heat and corrosive elements, found in a large explosion, are bad news for Ebola (and other bio-weapons). A delivery vehicle for this bug might optimally consist of the following characteristics:

  • Contained within a vessel capable of preserving its life, and even multiplying
  • Highly portable
  • Capable of intelligent guidance
  • Blends in with its environment, undetectable by casual observance
  • Moves among large groups of people easily and quickly
  • Disperses large percentages of its payload easily
  • Low probability of failure to detonate once on target

If your imagination is running alongside mine, you are thinking of the traditional suicide bomber blowing his hell-bound guts all over a crowd. The method is simple. The bomb he carries is wrapped around his lower and middle back, with the charge constructed to blow through his body. The explosive used is of a type that rapidly consumes its fuel and produces a shock wave that is largely free of burning charge debris. The shock wave rapidly disassembles the abdominal and thoracic cavities and distributes the wet contents in a wide arc in front of the bomber. This large spray of heavily infected tissue infects most of those on whom it is deposited. Instant infection.

The above is just one example of how a suicide bomber might do his evil work. That method does have a down side, though. Everyone in the area will seek rapid decontamination, receive rapid emergency medical response, and be very aware that they need professional help. So, each bomber will advertise that his targets are in extreme danger. This is a somewhat inefficient means of starting a major epidemic.

Maximizing the “Terror” in Terrorism

Suicide bombers historically strike unexpectedly, and with great force. They often work in teams. Carrying as much explosive as possible, they seek to blow a great number of people to bits, and to seriously main any survivors. The bombs often include a mix of flying projectiles designed to rend fleshy horribly. If they are successful, anyone lef alive, in any condition, is traumatized. The local population fears a repeat. The greater population wonders if one may pop in a market near them. The homogeneous population seeks to protect itself against further attacks, and modifies it behavior based on the survival instinct and fear.

The driving force behind the induced fear is, “This can happen anywhere, at any time, and without warning.” Any event capable of creating “terror” in the hearts of a people is on the table. Bombers are a collection of simple things. Simple bomb components, simple objectives and simple minds. The best of suicide bombs, though, have a finite range and a very finite operational event time line. Boom. Death. Destruction. Smoke clears. After that, the medical assistance and cleanup.

What if the bomber could continue to kill long after he blows his meager brains into a mist? The obvious answer is to replace the fragmentation bomb with the above bio-bomb. But could the bomber act in a different way, and create a larger effect?

Huge components of terror are uncertainty and surprise. If a population is aware that attacks are likely to happen, they will operate under a level of concern. If the likelihood of an attack includes a measure of uncertainty about the location, this concern increases. For instance: if the target is expected to be New York or San Fransisco, the rest of the nation is less concerned about its own personal safety. If the target is demonstrated to be ANYwhere, concern increases.

To amplify the level of terror, the enemy might seek to alter the means of attack. Imagine an attack that no one knows even happened. Imagine an attack wherein the victims only discover they were targeted until a week after it occurred. Imagine an attack where the victims also learn that they were unwittingly made a part of the attack, and have amplified its effects after the fact. Finally, imagine the level of fear in the population when they realize that the attack never ended, and that it goes on and on because they themselves are a part of it simply by altering their way of interacting with each other, and their increasingly uncivil reactions to those they believe might be a deadly threat.

The Quiet Bomber

Johnny Jihad, a suicide killer with visions of virgins, has opted to allow himself to be infected with the Ebola virus. His goals, as developed by his spiritual superiors, are:

  • Develop the virus as completely as possible through the rapid intake of infectious agents
  • Time his attack for the period of 4 days after his first onset of symptoms
  • Learn to “harvest” bodily fluids from his own person for public dissemination
  • Move through as large a number of mass gatherings as possible, over a wide city geography
  • Leave bodily fluids on surfaces commonly contacted by moving populations via blood letting, and mucousal smearing
  • Shake hands with many people in many places
  • Perhaps have sex with loose women likely to do so with other men
  • Finally, seek relief from the advanced stages of the disease via self inflicted gunshot, suicide by cop, or even seeking help at a medical facility

This pattern of infection could result in a wide spread infection with seemingly random sources. In reality, it is quite random, as the killer take advantage of opportunities as he finds them. By the time it is discovered that people are falling ill, he will have finished his work, and backtracking all contacts from all infected individuals would prove to be impossible.

Imagine 25 of these bastards working at the same time….

Suicide Bomber Support Teams

It’s not even worth asking if anyone would be crazy enough to try this. These people exist by the thousands. The promises of paradise via Allah’s rewards are so ingrained into their heads and hearts that failure to follow through is rare. I just stopped searching for a video I watched some time back. It was of a suicide car bomber and his attack on an American convoy. He was supported by two of his fellow nut cases, praying and getting psyched up. They were encouraging him with the rightness of his cause, his reward that awaited, the glory he would bring to Allah and how his family would be cared for. His fear and doubts were present the whole time, but so was his eagerness to do what he thought was right. The bomber drew from the strength of his pals. I watched how he was treated before hand, and the interesting way his prayer buddies continued to drone on as his car approached the convoy. Praying for success, anxiously watching for the detonation, and yelling praises to Allah when the bomb went off and a huge cloud of dust and debris blossomed into the sky.

Anyone that carries out an attack here will have support. He won’t be alone….

Here is how I see this coming about.

A foreign terrorist group commits to infecting Americans here at home. They chose to do so silently, forcing a delayed  realization of the size of the attack and the difficulty in stopping the spread. This will inflict maximum stress on all areas of American society. Their search for traditional suicide bombers that are willing to accept an alternate mission yields thirteen radicalized individuals.

Of these thirteen, nine survive the battery of mental and spiritual challenges designed to weed out the “weak”. These nine are told that they will be transported into Mexico via two or three hops, where cartel organizations will ensure safe passage to secure staging areas near the US border. These staging areas are where preparations to enter the US are conducted.

At these staging areas, they will submit to being infected with the virus, which has previously arrived in the living bodies of two individuals. These two were injected with heavy loads of diseased fluids the same day they left “home”. These transporter individuals are expected to show symptoms within 5 – 9 days after being injected, which gives them time to make the trip without any undue attention. Only one is actually needed. The other is a spare.

From these staging areas, they will cross into the US and head north, aided by jihadis that are waiting for them. Their passage northward occurs during the time when they are not yet showing symptoms, and are thus not contagious. While sequestered, they and their handlers watch for the onset of symptoms, and a constant immersion of spiritual oversight keeps their levels of commitment high.  At some point, each is ready to self-harvest fluids for distribution. They leave for their assigned areas of attack begin the harvest. These fluids are left on door handles, knobs and counter tops. The jihadis greet others enthusiastically and shake hands. They will cough on various surfaces, and seek to assist the elderly in opening doors and crossing streets. They will attend events where cheering, laughing and busy jostling occur as the norm, passing infectious fluid as they can. They will move across their assigned region, and when they have reached the point where they can no longer go on, they will end. Ending is by a gunshot to the head, suicide by cop, bomb or perhaps standing in front of a bus – making an infectious mess that no one expects. Perhaps one might create a mess after falling from a tall building.

All the while, local jihadis that have been radicalized by home grown mullahs, or even imported radicals, will work closely with the suicide infectors to keep their morale high. Constantly praying with them for strength, speaking of their rewards and the honor they bring to their families and the jihad – these support people will also take pride in their assistance efforts and their own rewards. Each operative will be fed good food and drink, and be allowed deviance from traditional Islamic prohibitions due to their active role in jihad. Their short lives will be honored and praised and each will be convinced that such lives could not be spent better under any circumstances. The power structure above them will remain in contact to ensure there is no last minute balking. There may even be a few locals that fall ill, and decide to add to the jihad, and go on a public display of insane rhetoric before blowing themselves to bits that rain down over a horrified crowd.

The Insidious Nature of a Silent Ebola Attack

Let’s take the case of just one victim of one infector. She has no idea that she is infected. There is no public news reporting of any attack because, as of yet, no such thing officially exists. She goes about her life and comes down with a cold. In the early stages of symptoms, she still goes to work and eats out twice with friends. She assures everyone she’ll be alright. Her boyfriend is a great guy, and does everything he can to help make her comfortable in the evenings. She has a sister that visits her on her second day home from work. Eventually, she sees her doctor, and leaves traces of her infection in the clinic. He prescribes bed rest, and antibiotics for a secondary infection. She returns home, and days later mimics Duncan’s ride to the hospital, where she quickly deteriorates.  The doctors there diagnose her with EBV.

By the time she has been settled into her eventual death bed, the race is on to contact all whom she has seen. Some of them have become symptomatic, and all of them are contacted by health authorities. But not all whom she has infected are reached. While the effort to contain progression increases, those that were missed show symptoms. Most of these people are people she doesn’t know, can’t identify or even remember contacting. They have no reason to believe they were ever in contact with an EBV victim, and they cruise through life on their way to death. These people pass the infection along. Three degrees of separation lead to an exponentially widening geography over which the disease spreads.

Public awareness of outbreaks becomes quite common by the time the second level of infections mature. But by then, panic spreads in contrast to official assurances. Human fear, which knows little logic, gets a strong grip on regional populations.

It is quite some time before those in power, who have concluded that the breakouts are the results of numerous attacks, will openly admit to them. By that time, the jihadis are at it again, using home grown stockpiles of Ebola harvested from suicide factories located in Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas.

The crap really hits the fan when it is concluded that four individual suicide infectors have been working independently in the nation’s capital.

The Second Wave

A second wave of infections will absolutely occur, though maybe not so heavily. Then again, maybe it will be worse. Already, we are seeing reports that the ambulance used to take Mr. Duncan to the Dallas hospital was in use for two days after his ride. The apartment decon team washed a lot of his infectious vomit down a public drain. While cleaning his room, some aerosolization occurred.  The hospital that initially saw him in the ER, and turned him away to go home, today admitted that there were mistakes made. They promise not to make more in the future, but the truth has been realised. Humans make errors. Following on a wave of human Ebola bombs, mistakes will be made that will result in further infections. It is impossible to say how many, or what percentage of the overall infection count they will represent.

Aggravating Factors

There are some populations that will become infectious hotbeds. Illegal alien strongholds fearful of deportation, stigmatization and attack from citizens angry at their supposed part in this mess will stay low, and hide. Eventually, pressure from disease and assurances of safety from the government will encourage them to come out, but many will not. The disease will spread through these communities like wildfire.

Those who resent illegal immigrants that once were boldly declaring the rise of an illegal immigrant nation will attack them. This is almost a certainty. There will be hateful acts directed toward them. Aside from the stereotypical views of illegals as being from Central America, there are other populations that are drawing attention from locals. The Liberian community in Dallas, numbering something around 10,000, has a large illegal component from what I’ve read. Up in Minnesota, the imported Somali population has been a recruitment gold mine for ISIS representatives. Some 200+ have left the US to fight for ISIS overseas. How many are left here? How many will opt in for an Ebola bomber career (short as they are)? Dearborn Michigan earned the nickname Dearbornistan years ago and shows no sign of rejecting it. Each of these groups, and more, will change in the eyes of those who are against their presence. When nationalism is amped up by attacks against the nation, outsiders will become targets.

The result of this friction will be heat. Jihadis will take advantage of this heat to swell their ranks, and a flurry of conventional attacks will follow. Once out in the open, open warfare ensues.

Resources /Further Reading

I posted a few reading tidbits on Twitter today. I’ll put of few of them up here for your study. Feel like reading? Some of these are long. I’m getting tired and don’t really want to pull excerpts.

University of Minnesota MIDRAP – Health Workers Need Optimal Respiratory Protection From Ebola

Money quote: “Briefly, however, the important points are that virus-laden bodily fluids may be aerosolized and inhaled while a person is in proximity to an infectious person and that a wide range of particle sizes can be inhaled and deposited throughout the respiratory tract.”

Center for Aerobiological Sciences, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases – A Characterization of Aerosolized Sudan Virus Infection in African Green Monkeys, Cynomolgus Macaques, and Rhesus Macaques

– Thank to POTRblog for this link.

CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Interim Guidance about Ebola Infection for Airline Crews, Cleaning Personnel, and Cargo Personnel

World Net Daily – CDC ‘lying’ to public about Ebola, doctor says

Daily Mail UK – Doomsday warning: UN Ebola chief raises ‘nightmare’ prospect that virus could mutate and become airborne – making it much more infectious

DC Clothesline – Airborne? CDC Now Confirms Concerns of Airborne Transmission of Ebola

Of Note: “Researchers demonstrated that the virus could be transmitted from pigs to monkeys without any direct contact by placing the two animals in pens separated only by a wire barrier. After eight days, some of the monkeys were found to have symptoms of Ebola likely as a result of “inhaling large aerosol droplets produced from the respiratory tracts of the pigs.”

The results of the study led scientists to conclude that, “limited airborne transmission might be contributing to the spread of the disease in some parts of Africa,” although they cautioned against making comparisons to the airborne nature of the influenza virus.”





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