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JohnGaltFLA, a site I discovered about 15 minutes ago, has an article called Obama’s SS is Here Now. The author says he doesn’t go down the rat hole of “black helicopters”, and stays away from discussions that tend to flow toward the ridiculous. But, he then goes on to talk about certain events, with supporting evidence, that have a certain magnetism.

Near the end, he gets into discussions about large and micro drones. The “ShadowHawk” killbot caught my attention, since it can be used by small departments in tight locations, and quite affordably, I might say.

Here is another ShadowHawk video from YouTube.

It’s pretty big, huh? Traditional helo configuration. Thermal vision. Long range telephoto camera. Loud, but only if it’s nearby. From 1,000 feet away, over 3 football fields, no one will hear it except for trained dogs. The real LEO utility, though, is its ability to carry lethal weapons. All anyone really needs to make weapons packages a reality is payload – airlift capability. If you can lift it, you can operate it.

For anti-government types, the threat is in their face. What has been feared appears to be on the scene. Countering these things will be big fear, big motivation or big business. The presence of what many would call a threat will likely lead to a whole new industry to counter these things, either with technology or via human relationships. “Battles” to defeat these things have been waged ion the courts, and lost. No one should expect that to change.

So, if this kind of new tech bothers you, you’re going to have to come up with a way to counter it. For me, I still believe that the largest threat to individuals is the crime element and their certain adoption of private gizmos used a crime tools. If you want to counter something, think about the bad guys using drones and snooping tools to get into your life, your home and your business.

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