EV-D68 Virus Runs Along I-70 Corridor

Have any of you noticed that the new virus, imported from Central America, runs along the I-70 corridor?

Look at a map of the US and compare it to this CDC map of the outbreak that has puts many hundreds into hospital beds. Most of the cases have been along this corridor, and they are beginning to spread out from there. Maybe it isn’t a huge point to make, but it certainly is a curiosity.

From an e-mail I received, it is stated that all of the first cases are along this interstate, and this virus is rare in the US.

Its rarity, though, might be why it has hit so hard. There is little herd immunity to it. Having not dealt with it like this, our national immunity is lowered.

I am concerned that the school season, just starting, will serve as a vector to infection. Many more children will be sickened if schools are not actively monitoring for flu symptoms. Of course, inner city public schools will get the worst of it. They are cattle stock yards already….

Did this bug come from our recently welcomed illegal aliens? I’d bet money on it. Just heard that “illegal children have a right to privacy, that’s why they were released into Tennessee.” Is that the next state to add to the map above?


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