The Drone Wars - Data Thieves

In others articles we’ve published, we shared with you the existence of data-stealing technology mounted on drones. The most common of all communications methods used at fixed locations is a WiFi network. With specialized equipment, Data Thieving Drones can hack into your communications stream and see all that you see. Add to that, Persistent Perch capability, and a network spook can nab your bits and bytes for a very long length of time.

Defending against these things is a wide and varied field of study. This article is a compilation of other articles dealing with the topic. There was even a company built to shield against eyes-in-the-sky. Domestic Drone Countermeasures.

Well, new on the scene is Cyborg Unplug. Cyborg seeks to protect your WiFi connection by refusing access to interlopers on your network, or by knocking unwelcome visitors off the stream. It’s a pretty neat little trick, actually.

Cyborg Unplug sniffs the air for these signatures, looking for devices its owner has selected to ban. If a banned device is discovered an alarm is triggered (LED, audio or message*). Further, if that device is found to be connected to a network that Cyborg Unplug is trained to guard, a stream of special ‘de-authentication’ signals (packets) are sent to disconnect it. It does this automatically, without any interaction required from its owner.

The legality of network jamming comes up. Cyborg can operate in two modes, one of which will get you into hot water with the Feds.

Cyborg Unplug can be operated in two modes. The recommended mode is Territory Mode, disconnecting target devices from selected network(s) owned and operated by the user. The other mode is All Out Mode, which disconnects all detected target devices from any network they are associated with, including paired connections with smartphones. Please note that this latter mode may not be legal within your jurisdiction. We take no responsibility for the trouble you get yourself into if you choose to deploy your Cyborg Unplug in this mode.

I didn’t find any real details about the specifications of this except that it does have a set up routine, does not work against bluetooth, and is under constant update development.

Devices to be blocked are selected during the three screen set up phase: just select the devices you want to block and leave those you don’t.


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