ISIS Front in the US

Two dead terrorists in Syria.

Two dead US citizen terrorists in Syria – who were fighting for ISIS.

Two dead US citizens that were recruited from Somali transplanted populations here, right here, in the US.

Two of twelve confirmed. Two out of a rumored 200+.

Now, consider the resources utilized in placing ISIS operatives into the US, successfully recruiting converts to Jihadi-ism, getting them to commit to a radical organization and then to leave and fight in a nation half way around the globe.

Would it also be reasonable to suspect that out of all the converts, that some might be tasked with staying here? It would be much more simple to have many of them forego the trip overseas – to remain behind and be inspired by far away tales of glory in the Levant. It would be a coup for ISIS to create a specialized fighting force right in our back yards. No need to bring in fighters over the Mexican border – though that is happening. No need to run an operation over the border, and deal with treacherous Mexican gangs – though that is my belief, too.

Multiple efforts on multiple fronts, backed by their well-known cash empire, supported by a cultured fanaticism, and enhanced by the presence of a US-supported Muslim transplant effort spanning presidencies.

The odds of anything happening next week are thin. The odds of something happening at all are now greatly increased.

I believe they are here, or at least their bastardized children. And they wish to kill us.

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