Some Interesting Jihadi Background Info

Here are some news links that might interest some of you, if you happen to be in the Great Lakes Region. While ISIS attempts to import assets and raw material across the southern border, they are simultaneously exporting “finished products” from the GLR. I’m not going to get into what I think is going on at any level. Instead, I’m going to present some of these stories for you to read, and digest. If you get nothing from it, I apologize for wasting your time. If you get a minor stomach upset, I think you are processing as you should.

Fox Guest Convinced ISIS Is In America: ‘I Would Bet My Life’ On It – 08/13/2014

This Is How ISIS Is Building An Airforce – 08/30/2014

Saudi king warns jihadists could attack US, Europe within months 08/30/2014

ISIS recruiting in Minnesota (Forum, page 3 of 3) – June 2014. Scan comments and parse…

Another Young Muslim American Man Among ISIS Fighters – 08/28/2014

Somali-Americans leave homes, friends in Minnesota to fight alongside ISIS jihadis – 06/22/2014

Minneapolis FBI investigating Muslims joining jihad groups in Syria, including ISIS – 06/15/2014

ISIS Baffling U.S. Intelligence Agencies – 08/14/2014

Almost a dozen men from Minnesota are fighting with ISIS in Syria, say officials – 08/29/2014

If recruiting for the bad guys is successful, and they can convince brainwashed individuals to trek half way around the world to die for a lie, how many left behind would do the same?

Are jihadi bad guys really required to move en masse into the US? Or will a few “advisors” do the job well enough, if they can reproduce like viruses?

Let’s assume something bad is planned and acted out. What would a proper preparation for that look like? I see it much as any other survival plan action, except that it should move up the time table a bit. As for any disaster, have your water, food and medical up to date and planned stocking level.

As for a time table, considering we had one nasty terrorist celebration of 9/11 just two years ago, and the next 9/11 is just 9 days away, perhaps one might want to have his ducks marching single file by the end of this week. Just saying. Call it a practice run…..

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