ISIS Terrorist Recruiting in Houston

Here an interesting video from 08/14/2014, just two weeks ago. It is a live recording of Houston News92 FM. “Ask the Chief”.

Chief McClellan says they are continuing to investigate this.

Take it for whatever it it’s worth to you. The reports of radical Muslim “training camps” in the US are plentiful. I’ve seen a few videos of them that could be taken either way. Do we have infiltrators in the US? I’m sure we do. Do we have radicalized Muslims seeking to “reproduce” their ideology and intentions from within Mosques? I believe so.

Nailing down what is true, though, takes a lot of work. As far as a PLAN opportunity goes, I recommend continued practice in observing your surroundings, staying fit, and keeping your brain focused on things you can do rather than on things outside your control. Do NOT let news reports energize you to hasty and unwise action. Measure your thoughts, your wealth and your powder.

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