Free Men, and Slaves

In a somewhat unusual day back in August 2012, I had a funny thought. It was about those who walk about with some openly controversial tee shirt proclaiming their political thoughts or some other such beliefs. They move about, unconcerned about what others think, and quite often risk having some jerk smack them from behind. Their movements through shopping crowds, or on sidewalks, place them where they might have good exposure, and also where an argument might leave them in disarray.

But they continue on, generally unmolested.

I wrote down a quick thought on my phone, and it’s still there.

“It’s not a t-shirt that causes fear. It is a Free Man walking among slaves.”

Doesn’t that describe how things go? A guy puts on his message shirt, and goes about proclaiming his thoughts without uttering a word. If some are offended, they generally do not say anything. Fear? It is the boldness of the act, and not so much the message – I think – that keeps many silent. Consider the minority cause movements that have gained so much ground. A lot of them are loud and “in your face” (or en su pueda…) The united front gives many pause.

But one guy, walking around with a tee-shirt…. how is he doing so and not being slammed? How is it that he makes his statement over and over and over and still goes home, with the odds having placed him near those that would hate him for his beliefs?

Well, a civil society restrains it anger. There’s still enough of that going around to be part of the equation. But I think there is something else in play. Simple boldness. Someone takes a stand and doesn’t move from it. That’s boldness. That’s strength that dares a challenge just by its mere existence. Then there is the perception that once having taken a stand, the individual might actually be looking for a fight, or confrontation, and has proven his nerve just by being there. It introduces a degree of wonder about the man. Will he not only accept a challenge, but might he go far overboard in his response?

Then again – he probably doesn’t care what you think, since he apparently knows he will offend many.

How does this all pertain to a survivalist mindset, where many seek to remain anonymous in an effort to secure themselves against the hungry hordes post-event?

a Free Man walking among slaves

If you are bucking convention, and doing what others would laugh at if  known, are you not a coward? A slave to others’ thoughts? Driven to your methods by a need to avoid ridicule? You might be. But the mature prepper /survivalist is one who considers his actions, potential reactions and the aftermath. He understands that his energies devoted to surviving difficult times are completely trashed by a lack of security ahead of time. The prepper seeks to do well in adversity, and help others – but at his own pace, so that his efforts are not consumed by the mindless, and rendered completely useless to those that may need his help. Keeping quiet isn’t paranoia. It is a prepping mandate all on its own. Consider: Most people seek consensus on what they are doing, some means of affirmation that they are doing well, and perhaps even a measure of applause at standing out in some cool, hip or trendy way. The logical and thinking prepper understands this is counterproductive, and secures his work with planning and forethought. He keeps his mouth shut, even when he would love for the new buddy to be what he suspects he is – a compatriot.  There is a measure of courage in his planning in that he fight a natural need to be accepted.

Circumstances dictate the rules to those caught up in them. The rules can be broken only if the means to do so are secured ahead of time, or found inside the box somewhere. All appear to be victims initially, but the prepared individual rises above circumstances, and helps himself first, and if he can, then he helps others. While the masses real in desperation, the preparedness lifestyle of the survivalist allows him to stand apart. It might even allow him to enter into a disaster zone with aid for the affected. He is still subject to the reality of the event, but his free thinking places him in a better position to resist that reality, and bring out of it something superior.

The free man is the man who thinks freely. The free man is the one that will not be crushed by circumstances, or if he falls upon a very bad lot, can reach out from the grave to assist others with his planning and efforts. He is not a worrier. He isn’t paranoid. He is confident that his thoughts and efforts will be of value when most needed. His life is lived with the satisfaction that only trained and well provisioned individuals know. The rest of the mob? Well, their hopes and dreams depend on everything remaining something like what they’d enjoyed to date. They won’t consider an alternative, unless someone bigger can underwrite the “insurance policy” supporting it. They must move with the rest of the mob. Their courage only comes with numbers.

The free man and the slave. The independent and the mob. The prepare and the unprepared.

How free are you?

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