Emergency Essentials Sale

I got an e-mail from Emergency Essentials advertising some sales they regularly promote. These things show up often enough to not be a surprise. While there are usually some good deals, I’m not always in sync with them as per our buying plans. That wasn’t the case today….

In this one, there was a deal on Provident Pantry “Freeze Dried Diced Beef.”  We have been using a Mountain House ground beef product with good success, and were looking at replacing what we’ve consumed – but “diced”?

I didn’t see how it would seriously affect how our FD meat dishes are prepared, and um, yeah – I likes me beef.  I looked at it further.



  • 1.5lbs /680 g.
  • 23 1/2 cup servings @ 150 calories each
  • calories from fat = 80 (or just over 1/2 of the serving, not the most lean)
  • Regular priced (advertised) was $59.99, but sale price is $32.99.

In all reality, I expect that the real price is something like $52 or somewhere in that ball park. The other beef item, “Ground Beef” shows a can listing a lower overall weight for $47.95.

I put one in my cart. Then a second. Got to thinking, the higher fat will equate to energy when under stress. For a sedentary lifestyle, it’s going to have to be the majority of the fat in the meal. But for someone pushing it hard, it will be good stuff. It will provide texture and flavor, important in preventing appetite starvation, and a bonus in that beef dishes for me are a “comfort food.”

Can #3 went into the cart, and I checked-out before I could change my mind.

“Isn’t that freeze dried stuff expensive?” Oh, you bet it is. Then again, this is meat that will last quite a while, and I don’t really like the dehydrated variety. I’m able to do this at this time, so I pulled the trigger on it. Looking forward to adding it to our stocks. I didn’t know it, but the Better Half had some in her cart, too. I like it when we think alike….



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