Just saw pictures of one of the granddaughters being schooled in the use of a security-config’d 870 shotgun. In one of those pictures, it appears she has just fired the weapon and is absorbing recoil. But it could also appear that she is just getting ready to shoot and is leaning too far back on her rear foot, AWAY from the coming recoil. By the way, she is 22 and solidly built.

I just had to laugh. If it is true she was pre-flinching her flinch, she was doing it big time.


Ya gotta love it. Want it. DESIRE it. You have to expect and hunger for it. Let that thing buck! Let it come at you and be sad when you don’t get more. Let the worst moment of the day be the discovery that your are out of ammunition.

Go home and tell your friends that those soft loads jipped you. Write letters complaining about inferior products to those soft shouldered folks at the ammo companies. Tell them what for!

Don’t take it lying down! Unless it knocks you on your ass. In that case, jump up and celebrate! Do it again! Mark the day on your calendar and promise yourself to have many, many more!

Okay…..  Done with that.

Seriously. There has to be a measure of acceptance that any firearm is going to let you know it has been discharged. Recoil is there to aid the deaf, right? No, it is a natural effect of a directed expulsion of rapidly combusting gases. New shooters need to understand, accept and in a way, look forward to recoil. Understanding that it is a natural part of shooting goes a long way toward being able to work with it, control it and hold mastery over it – physically and mentally.


Doing so requires a mental mindset of  “Eh, it’s only recoil. It happens and yeah, I work with it.” It oughta be something so common place in your thinking that you can go to the range with, say, my 1895GS .45-70, send a few 405gr slugs ripping through the air and smile at the slight discomfort in your shoulder.

“Ah. I love the feel of recoil in the morning. It makes me feel…. (sharp intake of breath here)  alive…..”

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