You Built WHAT with a Sheet of Plywood?

JJ Johnson over at Reality Survival has such a cool idea for a shooting bench that I just had to share it.  You have to see this thing! Check out the article, read it, but look at this video. I’m pilfering it for my site here because it’s just so cool. Basically, with a jig saw, you can convert one regular sheet of 3/4″ plywood into a shooting bench that can be assembled, WITHOUT TOOLS, as either a right-handed of left-handed bench.

It store absolutely FLAT.

In a BAG.

It’s cut out to reduce weight.

Got $50? Might not even need that much. I can get a finished sheet for under $30 locally, and get some real nice stain for the balance. A guy could get creative with the weight reliefs and cut some cool patterns into the wood. Heck, use stencils if you aren’t artistic. Trace your AR on to it for cutouts?

Anyway, here’s the article link.

And here’s the video….  Oh, and he has the plans FOR FREE as a download. How cools is that?  Thanks JJ!!

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