No Knock Raids, Cops & Robbers

Anyone that is not aware of the use of Police “Dynamic Entry” tactics during so-called no-knock raids needs to be aware of them.


Because the bad guys use those same tactics when conducting HOME INVASIONS. That’s right. The bad guys dress up as “good guys” and smash down doors yelling “Police!” The idea is that YOU won’t shoot a cop, and thusly will allow said bad guys the few SECONDS they need to secure your home for themselves. Playing Cops & Robbers is a great way for bad guys to get into your homes and lives.

No real matter if you wind up DEAD. Need I remind all my readers that DEAD is permanent? No coming back short of Christ’s return. In the mean time, between your last breath here, and your first one there, your family is subject to all manner of abuses.

I found the following info-graphic at I liked it so much, I stole it. I copied that file to present on this site just in case it goes away. When you get to the bottom of it, you’ll see five reasons why this madness has to stop. Eight reasons why all of us could be called “frogs in the pot.” Eight reasons why you really do need to harden your home. Home invasions are on the rise, by good and bad guys, and even the good guys can screw up and kill you or your dog. Time to get some sanity back into the “Law Enforcement Officer” and restore him to the older image of “Peace Officer”. Time to harden homes against illegal and dangerous applications of force.


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