US to Give Up Control of the Internet

Or, will give up what control it has left.

I remember the days of slow dial-up network access with fondness on one level – a private network. When Prodigy and Promenade were pretty much the big guys as far as inter-connectivity among the masses. You became a member, and then could network with people anywhere on the system. Promenade later became America Online, or AOL. Each system had its own closed network, services, communities, downloads games and chatrooms. It was slow, but somewhat secure.

I kinda miss that. I think it would be cool to tell snoops to take a flying leap off a tall building without a wing suit. I think it would be cooler yet to tell the “International Community” to go fark themselves. I don’t need them eventually telling me what I can say, who I can not offend, or how I have to behave simply because my opinion might chap some foreign arse.

Wuddaya say? Shall we build our own network hubs, lease our own lines and build our own Prepper Online community?

Sure sounds good, doesn’t it. We could solicit providers of goods and services to be part of it – build it right – built it once – and without the aid of anyone. If it were to really be off the table of anyone’s control, I’d love to see microwave repeaters, or even our own satellite relay.

Maybe a lease arrangement with cable companies?

Just thinking, here. I don’t have the cash, but maybe one of you knows somebody that knows somebody. One thing is for sure, I will not listen to the demands of foreigners. Sorry, all you non-USA types. Nothing personal. Well, yes. It IS personal. My freedom eventually dictated by a non-citizen? Yeah. That works. ICANN will morph into ICANT, and that isn’t acceptable. So to all you foreigners loking to throttle us here in the US, I have a world-wide message for you about the world wide web.


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