H7N9 2-01-14

Nothing big to read for today, just an exhortation to keep reality in the forefront of your mind when reading about H7N9 infections – and to READ about H7N9 infections. As far as this blogger is concerned, the epicenter for information on current news and personal mitigation efforts is over at POTR Blog, http://pissinontheroses.blogspot.com/

I’ve been following various news sources, and certain Twitter feeds. Most have something to offer, but nothing quite so focused or intuitive. For me, it is a daily read.

He has been predicting a large surge in infections following on the Chinese New Year celebrations, and the social activities that are a part of those. Air travel out of, and back into China are suspected to bring about a spread of infections. Interestingly, he predicts the entracne of this bug, in some form or another, by Valentine’s Day.

“We believe in all likelihood H7N9 will enter the United States by Valentine’s day 2014, but it remains to be seen if it will take a foot hold or even be detected. As it stands now, San Fransisco is the most likely port of entry for H7N9 and unfortunately it also has an aquatic environment perfectly suited for H7N9 to develop and maintain an environmental presence.”

13% of all Chinese nationals planning a trip abroad for Chinese New Year are planning to head to California. Additionally, a second wave of H7N9 embers will arrive as Chinese New Year ends on 2/6/14 and US Persons who traveled to China for cultural or business reasons will be returning to the USA

H7N9 deserves a look-see because of one important aspect of its work. In adults, it has a 100% fatality rate, for those that have no access to a respirator of “artificial lung” (ECMO machine). That means, for adults that develop symptoms, if they are not quickly and correctly diagnosed, they are as good as dead, if the extremely limited supply of these machines has already been spoken for. It is not an epidemic, or pandemic, yet. To harden yourself against this thing if it does “go viral”, go over to POTRBlog and read up on the H7N9 tag stream. Get educated and do what good preppers do – prepare.

Are you ready?

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