Something to add to Blowout Kits and IFAKs

Naso-pharangeal airways are a component in just about every military IFAK. Damaged airways are not uncommon when bullets and heavy debris fly. For the prepper equipped with IFAKs, these devices are already in his kit. A lot of prep-medics will recommended adding this where it is absent.

There is an alternative to these, however, which ignores the nasal passages entirely. If a large oral airway structurally remains, the Berman Oral Airway is an EXCELLENT alternative. It can not be collapsed, is easy to insert and guarantees an open oral airway. This is pretty much a necessity with broken sinuses, and in cases where frontal damage to the face and skull is severe. Additionally, this method can be more comfortable and allow for a much greater intake of air – important where the injured individual need to continue in a fight, or where he must assist in his own evacuation from an area.

Integral to the device is a molded bite block. They are color coded to size. These are not sterile, but as one commenter said, that’s not really a concern considering where they are likely to be used. You could sterilize them yourself if you have access to such equipment.

Use them in your IFAK, Blowout  Kit, BOB, RV, retreat… anywhere you might store emergency medical equipment. If you have blood stop, this should be right there along with it. Airway and bleeding control are at the top of the list for initial trauma treatment!


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