H7N9 as a Hemorrhagic Flu

It would appear, from a report by POTRBlog that the H7N9 strain in China is a hemorrhagic flu, and that this information has been withheld by the authorities over there. I’m not sure about you all, but I don’t think I would be much a fan of bleeding out from places I’d rather not.

There certainly is a lot of doubt about the mutant progression of the virus, and its potential for human-to-human transmission at a level that spells “pandemic”. I am of the mind that it should have spread quite a bit by now, if it had that ability in abundance. But, I am no expert. At all. I just read whatothers with experience and study are writing.

I am not afraid of this thing, yet I am watching. My main points of concern are how our own authorities would deal with this and how truthful they would be if the worst happens. As far as a survival plan for this mess goes, it would have to include some form of:

  •  isolation
  • sterilization capabilities
  • shelter-in-place plans for food, water, air and sanitation
  • funds in the bank to pay bills for a couple months
  • communications
  • defense
  • means to manage pets and livestock

That’s just to start. I’m of the mind that since this ting is slowly moving away from its origination points within China, it likely is not a big threat for this winter. But bugs have a habit of coming back for round two in the summer and fall. We will have a lot more experience with this virus by then. So, its one of those “keep an eye on it” things.

But be ready….


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