Fukushima Radiation Spike in Snow Storm

POTRBlog has recorded a spike in radiation during the snow storm in St. Louis. It began about 6 hours after the snow began to fall. His indoor meter mimicked the outdoor meter, which, as he noted, indicates a gamma radiological hit.

Here is a link to his article at POTR Blog, if you want to see the images. The text of the articles follows….

“As we had predicted, based on the Jet Stream pattern, we did have a radioactive snow storm here is Saint Louis. We captured the entirety of the event on our Live Outdoor & Indoor AIRBORNE Radiation Monitors. (see Images below)

A peculiar aspect of this storm is that the radiation started spiking upwards approximately 6 hours after the storm / snowfall began. Radiation levels remained elevated for roughly 10 hours. The maximum level occurred at roughly at 7:45 am, and was primarily composed of Gamma radiation as the spike was also detected on our indoor monitor.

Based on previous observations, these events tie to radioactive ground water steamed up from the ground in Fukushima and transported via the JetStream to the USA. The primary immediate risk from such events are radioactive Iodines and Xenons, neither of which are readily detectable in swipes taken after the fact. Radioactive Cesium from weather events has made it into the Missouri food chain, as we have documented in the professional radiological beef testing we have had performed on samples of grass fed beef.”

Within his article are a few links to others, wherein he has more information on the types of radioactive isotopes he has identified, and under what conditions.

The new today includes an article on California getting hit with nuclear debris along the coast. There are arguments about the levels found, and what is or isn’t actually normal. Read with an open mind towards what levels might really be normal. But the TREND is UP.

Some articles from Drudge, who seems to be turning his attention toward this thing….

  • First, from Infowars. No, I am not a Jones fan, but the article has info worth reading.
  • Then from Half Moon Bay Review, a paper below San FranSchitzo .
  • Lastly, ahem, from Infowars, an article with a title similar to this blog post’s title.

One last suggestion. If you look at POTR’s tag cloud within the left column, you’ll see “Fukushime”. Click on that and you will be shown all articles related to that.

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