Freezing Cold Weather with Hot Fukushima Fallout?

Our compatriots over at POTRBlog have an interesting headline on their most recent post.

It reads: “We’re Expecting RADIOACTIVE SNOW, Will Our Geiger Counter Survive -10ºF

POTRBlog was the first site I encountered that dealt with real-time reports on radioactive particle deposition here in the US, and serious attempts at privately trying to discover the likely origins, and the probability that new types of fallout were indeed from the Fukushima fiasco.  I’ve read his work for a couple years, now. If this topic at all interests you,. you really need to go back to 2011 on the blog and read his material, and see the progression of his efforts. Good stuff.

But now he’s wondering about the Jet Stream bringing some more fun and games his way. I’ll be watching and reading to see what happens.

From this post is a link to his live radiation detector feed to the internet. Has has invited one and all to enjoy the show.

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