Swine Flu Info from POTR Blog

A swine flu predictive map from POTRBlog. His video is just over two minutes in length.

Info related to it from his post. “We suspect that the H1N1 Swine Flu honed its virulence at the 2013 Hajj in Saudi Arabia, as such the map in the video is indicative of high density populations which would have primary exposure to Swine Flu returning from the Hajj.”

Turning attention from H5N1 to H7 N9 (new bird flu) for a moment. The death risk, without a ventilator, is extremely high. If that bug gets here, I expect a massive response and a quick containment. I hope that would be the case. It appears that this bug is becoming human-to-human aerosol transmissible. Taken with this report that is has escaped Hon Kong at least once, via air travel, we might expect to see something on our shores this next Spring. As some flus do, there may be mutations that only really come into play during the next fall, which in our case would be 2014. Something to watch.

“We see this as a clear case of a possible H7N9 infected group of people traveling overseas while actively shedding virus. It is a case which shows there are no export controls on infected air travel in Hong Kong.”

It is VERY EASY for a prepper, one who actively seeks to harden himself against what he sees or has found, to allow that mindset to dominate his actions. Everything we post on this site is intended to aid in preparing, to build your PLAN. Look at what we post as helpful pointers, a digital “Look see!” My personal, amateur take on the flu bugs is that they, as other bugs have done and are continuing to do, will increase in virulence over time, will become resistant to “flu shots” and will move with populations of cultures as they also move into new areas. At some point, there will be an outbreak. I would guess that it will be small and localized to populations that encourage the bug’s spread via their hygiene culture, but – it could be a lot worse. An easily transmissible bug in our lazy culture might do us real harm. So, if you are interested in how to work against this thing, use the “cloud” search feature on POTRBlog and look at the H7 N9 posts. The guy is good. He’s serious. And, I think he really cares.



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