Cleaning the Berkey Light Filter Bucket

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Mrs. LP, my beautiful wife, the woman who saved my life by marrying me, did a cleaning job on our Berkey-Light kitchen filtration unit.  We scrub the elements to expose fresh matrix per instruction, and scrub the tubs, too. But our water does leave quite a bit of mineral deposit. Over time, they collect on the walls of the clean water bucket at the bottom of the stack.

In the past, it was scrub, scrub scrub. But dear wife, (God bless the day she was born), decided to use some of our healthy lemon harvest this year, and put it to a new use. The lower chamber of our unit holds 2.5 gallons of water. She leveled it to about 2 gallons, sliced three lemons and dropped their rinds into the water after squeezing the juice into it. It sat for several hours.

I didn’t really look at the results until about 10 minutes ago. Very nice! The juice in our lemons is historically very strong. It has to be diluted quite a bit before using for anything we drink or eat. But the bucket benefited from this. So, for the regular lemon user, I’d say 2 gallons of water and 5 sliced and crushed lemons. Let stand from the morning till the evening and then clean as usual.


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