You and Family on the Road

The last few days, in the midst of attacks from some old and newer injuries deciding to gang up on me, I had various streams of thought flood my head. They all centered on convoys of private vehicles. No surrounding settings or conditions, such as some big event causing people to go here and there in a panic. No big flashes, or news reports or crush of refugees. Just various sizes of convoys in differing configurations moving down the highways or back roads.

Bug outs?

Family trips?

Over the years, I have learned a few things about multi vehicle movements. With a pair of cars packed to the windows with high school aged kids making their way to the theater, keeping in order isn’t much of a big deal. With three trucks pulling trailers, four cars carrying people and supplies and one boat, things are much more interesting. Keeping things orderly and together while moving down a four lane highway are much simpler than attempting the same through a series of busy city stop lights. Many factors weigh in on the success of a convoy arriving at its destination intact and without the after effects of a stressful transit.

Having said these things, I’m not going to give you a primer on convoy design, staging and operation. Not today, anyway. But I will soon. Might even be a series. Hmm. Starting out with how to run a travel trailer and go from there…. Sure. Why not.

Knowing how to keep two cars together during a trip is something everyone should strive to learn. It’s hard enough with the usual pinheaded actions of the selfish on the road. I’ll give you simple but important techniques to increase your ability to keep things together and your sense of peace and security high. So many prepper articles are built around the assumption that disaster and glory are the only outcomes. Ha! No. I won’t go there on this one. Getting the daughter and her three friends to the dormitory for their first year of college should be a joyous (and sad) transitional point in life, to which the mechanics of the journey were nothing but good planning, instead of the substance of things one never hoped for.

Convoys. A little bit more than sun on the windshield and a CB mic in yer hand….


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