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Image from Jacksonville.com, via OffTheGridNews

I found a very nice article and video on a small scale Tilapia raising method. Check out this article over at Off The Grid News. It discusses a 1,000 gallon /250 fish system that can be run in a basement. I looked at the math, and based on his ratios (and my own experience raising fresh and salt water fish), it would be dirt simple to set up a small 100 gallon /50 fish unit. That 75lbs of fish dressed-out. Going a little further, for a system that produces fish at regular intervals, one could run 3 100 gallon tanks and have 75lbs of fish frozen for measured consumption each 4 months. Scale as needed.

Growing your own, if you are a fish eater, makes sense in this regard. Using solar heating for the tanks is workable. Some of the clear bubble-wrap type solar heating blankets used for swimming pools might be adaptable, depending on filtration and aeration equipment. By filtering and aerating at the filter setup, the tank itself can be left to passive solar heating. If you go with non-thermostatic heating, you will need to monitor the temperature manually. Because heating (or cooling) a large pool of water takes time, your monitoring need not be done often.

I’m a fan of substrate filters, but those can be relocated to separate enclosures and work just fine. Splash aeration is okay, too. As the filtered water comes back to the tank, let it drop over a rough surface to create turbulent aeration. Something akin to a long washboard is what I’m getting at. Aeration can be accomplished in the filter trough, too.

As a BOL side note…. Systems that can run pretty much on their own due to favorable weather could conceivably be installed at your BOL. Just “food” for thought….

Videos I Found Interesting

One Gentleman’s breeding setup. (If I were to get into fish raising again, a proper hatchery setup would be my kind of fun.) In this video, he mentions two varieties of Tilapia. I didn’t know there was an domestic, mountain variety. He raises Rocky Mountain White and Nile lines.

Waterfall Aeration. He improvised a pre-molded yard pond waterfall.

Building an IBC Aquaponics System. It’s 30 minutes, but that allows some of her construction techniques to sink in. She uses trout instead of Tilapia. Nice setup!

“Portable Farms” 8′ X 6′ aquaponics setups. Interesting system. Worth a look if you want something preassembled. Very interesting idea if one were to cultivate a desire to feed homeless. Salads and protein!

Of course, if you want to go BIG TIME….  hehehe




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