Fukushima Scare Comes Home to Another

One of the boards I visit has a member in good standing sharing her fears about Fukushima Ground Zero, as far as the US is concerned. The coast of Oregon anecdotally has been hammered by the Jet Stream depositions and potentially biologically delivered radiation from the nuke site.

Here is the link to the thread, http://www.survivalistboards.com/showthread.php?t=332688, and some excerpts from the discussion.

“We have been pouring over new sites from all other countries as well as scientific sites. Fukushima is cataclysmic and we have a front row seat.

We live on the southern Oregon coast where starfish are gone, sardines have vanished, herring are bleeding from all orifices and debris is now washing up on our beach just 1200 yards from our front door. Our well is the same proximity.

Both my husband and our youngest are immuno-compromised and can not take another tetragenic assault. We are already dealing with black mold in our home (all homes around here) and constant illness. We personally know 15 people here who have gotten cancer in the last year or are dead less than a year from diagnosis and only two were over age 60!”

“I hate to tell you but, it isn’t just on the coast. Many people are recording high levels of radiation via snow in their yard. http://www.youtube.com/results?searc…ukashima&sm=12”

“I posted a report a few months ago here about Japan reporting they’d lied about the still leaking contamination. Got pooped on by most liberals or otherwise uneducated sources here who believe that the lies our FDA IS TELLING THEM. THERE TOUGH LUCK! There are independent sites from various oceanography, marine biology and others reporting the toxic truth!

I was living in LA when this happened. Stopped buying canned tuna within weeks. Don’t eat sushi or ANYTHING out of the pacific now. Afraid to buy produce grown in Ca! People still comb the beaches and regularly pull up radioactive seaweed with Geiger counters. We moved!”

POTR Blog has a lot of info on the Fukushima mess and contamination /deposition over here.


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