Where is all the 22lr Ammunition?

22lr is hard to get. We had a shelf supply issue a while back that went away. But the situation has returned. Here is a video that one prepper made to explain his thought on it.

I’m not in his camp. I do believe the production has increased, but I also believe there are forces working against its distribution. Personal experience tells me that it isn’t hitting the shelves like it should be, or else the counter men I speak with would not be relaying the same meme, “I just can’t get it in like I used to.” Government bonded warehouses are slowing requests, official entities are purchasing ammunition in calibers they don’t use in issued firearms, and ATK will not go against their largest customer’s “suggestions” for fear of losing larger military contracts. Dig deeper, folks.

But any way, here is this guy’s take on it….


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  • OverUnder

    There were two ammo shortages. The first one was caused by panic buying after Aurora, Shandy H and the subsequent knee-jerk gun bills in NY and CO. Completely understandable, people were scared and buying like crazy, so the manufacturers couldn’t keep up.

    The second (current) shortage is caused by something incredibly shameful: price gougers. As a result of the panic buying during the first shortage, the gougers came out of the woodwork to take advantage of a bad situation. Ammo was scarce because manufacturers couldn’t keep up, so the gougers put a premium on whatever they could get their hands on. But now? Manufacturers have caught up, ammo in all calibers has been seen on shelves at stores and on tables at gun shows in quantities enough for everyone. Supplies have caught up with demand. What’s the bad news? The gougers started to realize their ride on the gravy train was endangered, so they are now actively doing everything they can to confiscate every box of ammo on the shelf. Not to get as many as they can for themselves, but to intentionally deny anyone else a chance at even one single box of ammunition. They want to maintain their monopoly, they want you to be forced to buy from them and them only. They will bypass store limits by waiting for another cashier to get behind the counter or by bringing friends to completely wipe out the store’s stock. They are now even being seen at gun shows, ruining what was once a good thing for everyone… 22lr as recently as last month was sold for 8 or 9 cents a round at gun shows, but now that the gougers have shown up with their asinine 30 cents a round 22lr, the other dealers are being forced to increase their prices. So you see, this current shortage has been caused by the greed of the price gougers. They have actually managed to manufacture a synthetic ammo shortage and are keeping everyone in a world of hurt. Absolutely shameful. I keep telling people to keep an eye out for deals at stores or gun shows, and I can only hope they heed that warning.

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