Your Online Activity Being Watched

I try not to get too political on this blog. It isn’t really productive when it comes to your efforts at hardening your life against ill effects. Politics generally raise temperatures and polarize discussions. That doesn’t mean I don’t have views. I just don’t like to make them a topic.

That said, I feel I need to state some obvious facts here, that some people obviously don’t consider. The biggie is this: Everything you do, and I mean EVERYTHING, is watched. It is watched by the sites you visit, individuals and groups that monitor those sites, and various agencies that have a self-declared interest in what you do and where you go, virtually and physically.  The money phrase is “no reasonable expectation of privacy”, a lable slapped on any activity some want to monitor, and completely beyond your ability to redefine into some semblace of your own personal and private “expectations.”

What should you understand by this? Well, you should understand that what you say and write is subject to somebody’s monitoring. This, of course, means you need to watch what you say and do if you are involved in anything even remotely resembling illegal activity. Myself, I’m not concerned with what government agencies are doing from a “living life every day” standpoint. Sure, the privacy realities concern me, but there isn’t much I can do about it. I am more interested in the non governmental groups and individuals that try to steal IDs, bank accounts and other pieces of my life.

So, I practice “safe internetting”, and to some degree, “safe phone”. It’s just a matter of personal interest in my own autonomous future. I might write about my efforts down the road, but not tonight. I just wanted to put this obvious message out there in case it isn’t quite so obvious to some.

What you can do about it is to do your own internet searches on protecting your privacy, maybe get a Life Lock account, tighten things up and cease using certain internet services supplied by certain internet giants. The hard truth is that very few people give a damn about you and yours – so YOU need to.



catbagaBE a little “paranoid” and lock things down. Because, the old paradigm of personal security has changed, and you are now exposed to practically anyone that has the skills and stones to peek in on you. You can forget about your old expectation of privacy. That cat is long out of the bag.

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