Marksmanship Training Video - WWII

The Appleseed Project seeks to educate everyday Americans in the art of marksmanship – the goal being to produce “riflemen” in the classic sense. Methods and tests are based on US Army training and qualification tests. Anyone who has attended an Appleseed course will recognize immediately the principles taught in these training videos from WWII.  The techniques taught are still valid. There are a good two hours of instruction here. The quality of the video isn’t top notch, but it is good enough, and even quite cool to watch if you are into vintage filmography. These are also a good place to start if you have children new to these concepts.

Both of the following are from Nuclear Vault. Their YouTube channel is HERE.

M-1 Garand Marksmanship Training – Part I

M-1 Garand Marksmanship Training – Part II

The following video is by 007connecticut, and shows all who have heard of, but never been instructed in, the method to avoid that infamous “M-1 Thumb”. It also shows how to load less than a full clip into the Garand, how to shoot single-shot mode, and even how the nice little “ting” sounds when the rifle eject its empty clip. A lot of good info in a short video.

And here for desert, is a United States Marine Corp training film for the M-14,  basically an M-1 with a detachable box magazine, chamber for 7.62×51 and a full auto capability.

Some more M14 information.


“This is my rifle, There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend…..”

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