Winter Checklists, Anyone?

While not a list of prep chores, I do have a general gotta-do list of sorts. Things I would like to do, body aches permitting, before things get really damp and wet.

  • Clean the gutters
  • Cut one particular branch off a tree out front
  • Re-roof the chicken run
  • Paint the chicken coop and secure the rear weather guard
  • Re-wrap both kennels
  • Take the accumulated junk on the west end to the dump
  • Paint exposed trim here and there
  • Plastic seal a few windows
  • Install door trim on the new security door

Some is maintenance, some repair and some PMing. I would also like to get the workout equipment back in service, as I feel an ever increasing pressure to get back into my old trim. I will not be 23 again in this life, but if I can at least fake it real good for a few hours at a time, I will then feel confident in other situations. It is a grand thing that I have excellent support, and even a few role models.


I got that branch down, with some moral support, and little bit of sawing, from a neighbor. That thing was as big as my thigh, and about 20 feet long. Took hours to get it down without crushing the roof or the gutters, and rendering it into pieces that could go into the can. The left over logs will go to the dump.  I was fortunate in that I could use a portion of the first floor roof as a platform. It made overhead sawing less of an issue.

The junk haul was a success. Miscellaneous wood scraps of all sizes, plastics, boxes, scrap metal – all gone.

I tried to get one of our vehicles in for a smog cert before that. It was recently serviced, and the service monitors have still not completed their tests. I drove it for almost two hours. Maybe Monday….


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