List of NBC Shelter Builders

There is a definite increase in interest for bomb /fallout /blast /weather /bio-chem attack shelters this last year. Doomsday Bunkers helped raise general awareness among the average Joe and Jane. Prepper interest, though, seems to have leaped from “I’d like to….” to “Maybe we can sell off a few things and get on board. People are concerned with various scenarios, and bunkers (underground shelters) can reduce or eliminate the effects of these.

  • EMP
  • Nuclear Attack
  • Fallout
  • Societal Collapse
  • Biological Warfare
  • Chemical Warfare
  • Local Riots
  • Pandemic
  • Large Solar Flare

Most of the customers of Utah Shelter Systems have traditionally been doctors, lawyers and other professionals with solid incomes. But that doesn’t rule out the rest of us. Anyone that can afford a new diesel work truck can afford a new shelter. That was one of Sharon Packer’s points-of-fact back in the day, and it still holds true. Tonight I did a little searching on the net. I was looking for links to shelter builders so that I might build a somewhat inclusive list of them. Naturally, I looked at prices. Some of them are just crazy high. The price of steel continues to trend upwards. Combined with newer fabrication techniques designed to extend the life of newer shelters, the overall average price is also trending upwards. This is not a light-hearted investment – but it could be a life saving one.

Does the Three-fer Rule Apply?

It should. I don’t see why not. For those of you that are unfamiliar with my Three-fer Rule, it goes like this:

Any major capital prepping expense must satisfy its primary reason squarely, and at least two other uses.

Our first Three-fer purchase was a 30′ travel trailer. It’s primary purpose was for camping. This was a slight alteration of the primary purpose, but we fudged a little. The second purpose is as a bug out RV, or BORV. The third purpose was as an emergency home for family members destroyed by the economy. 2 and 3 have never been used (thankfully). Number 1, some 14 trips. Yes, it’s been nice. We’re actually considering  an upgrade, since we’ve learned so much from owning this one.

An underground shelter obviously lies in wait for its primary task of keeping its owners alive. This alternate home requires maintenance, so visits will be regularly scheduled. But a shelter doesn’t have to just sit around waiting for “Plan C” or whichever to require activation. It can serve other purposes

  • A quiet retreat for personal reflection or prayer
  • Guest home, with a special kind of class
  • Alternate living quarters for family in times of need
  • Vacation home, if adequately located
  • Office space
  • Hobbies and crafts
  • Radio shack
  • Store house for valuables, or items requiring secure and secret storage

Not all shelters are the same. You can see the differences in design and quality. I’m listing all of these manufacturers  alphabetically, not by preference (well, except for the first one). I haven’t even listed all that are out there. I do not endorse any single one except USS, and NO, I do not have financial arrangements with them. This list is a tool, a guide to what’s out there, and a means by which some, who are about to lay down cash, may become educated.

So, here is the list. Topping it, of course, is my favorite builder – Utah Shelter Systems

USS1 Utah Shelter Systems, as far as I know, is the only builder with an owner that possesses a degree in Nuclear Engineering, and others. Sharon Packer KNOWs her stuff, folks. That is just one so many other builders have copied their designs, or used them as the basis for their “new” designs. I’ve spoken with a few, and have yet to meet one that oozes knowledge and ownership of subject material like the folks at USS. Go to their site and read the whole thing. Then visit the rest and make informed evaluations. If for no other reason than to get a quick education in why a properly built shelter is built the way it is – against the various threats it has the duty to survive – Go read. Also, articles HERE , HERE, and HERE.

Whatever you do, if you are making plans to buy or build, remember that your junk will expand to fill all available space. Buy with extra capacity. It is insanely difficult to add on to a shelter whose base lies at a depth of 20 feet. It’s better to have too much, if your budget allows. In the end, though, be wise with your funds, and make adaptations needed to fulfill the mission.

For a little fun, get a peek at this store I found during my search. The Bomb Shelter, in Akron Ohio, is a self described super store of retro items. I wish they were local!

6 comments to List of “NBC” Shelter Builders

  • Great information! Thanks. Couple of those are new to me.


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  • Charlotte

    I think you have missed an exceptional company on your list. Rising S Bunkers offers a wide variety of steel shelters at reasonable prices. From a single family storm shelter to over huge bunker complexes. Rising S Bunkers can build their steel bunkers completely ready to live in.

    As you mention in your article, bunkers should serve other purposes. If you check out the website, you will see that these steel structures can be built to be as comfortable as your living room. They can provide all the creature comforts of home.

    Another great solution for making a shelter useful while not in an epic disaster situation; is a very safe storage solution. In a steel shelter that is built correctly, moisture, rust and mildew are not issues for storage. They can be water tight, pest and fire resistant. Keeping important documents, family heirlooms, and other irreplaceable items in a steel shelter is your best bet to keeping them safe in a wide variety of situations. Steel shelter self acclimate to ground temperature therefore they make excellent root cellars.

    Rising S Bunkers also operates completely in house. From the design process to the actual installation, you can rest assured that no third parties will be involved with the process of your bunker. Rising S Bunkers understands the importance of keeping the location a secret. Overall Rising S Company is a great solution to having an all around great multiuse bunker.

    • LP

      I did not see this company when I was searching and reviewing my resources. Your comment reads like a promotion, but I’m not going to reject it solely based on that. I do have to take to task the rejection of CMP, or “culvert” shelters. Steel culvert pipe has been found serviceable after decades of use as water drains, with gravel and sand slurry coursing through them year after year without abrading completely through. The DoD did evaluations with CMP during nuclear testing in order to determine their ability to withstand ground shock (slap) and earth movement. Culvert shelters were able to withstand horrific stresses. Properly designed and built, culvert units will bend and flex, and provide clear protection against non-linerar forces.

      It is true that space utilization is not optimal, as compared to a box shaped shelter, but the trade-off is in the excellent resistance to crush and destruction when properly buried and earth-arched. Corrosion isn’t an issue when installed along with the guidelines provided by Utah Shelter Systems. A fw of their units, having spent 25 years or more in the ground, were excavated for various reasons and found to be virtually equivalent to their conditions when originally installed. I won’t say that your designs are deficient. I haven’t looked at them all that closely, but even reinforced box designs are subject to the damaging forces that shipping containers experience. It’s just that the webbing added to their exteriors works against that weakness. I’ll get a closer look at your units. Your claims are interesting.

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  • Greg B

    Maybe take a look at for a good shelter option. Found them the other day – looks like they have a pretty big inventory.

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