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A friend of mine is taking over the reigns of a small shop that showcases the local talents of a town in Wisconsin. They will open their own shop there, with her hubby. The Naughty Goat is getting a new home. I want to spread the word about this new endeavor, as both Emme and Chris have shown that they are kind and sharing people with loads of creativity. They have quite  a story of tragedy and victory, and this choice to take the “road less traveled” is just one more example of their free-thinking and bravery.

Tulips General Store can have no other character than that of the people who own it. I expect great stories to come from that little place, and I’m looking forward to sampling their newest wares. I’ve been pleased with what I have purchased from Emme, so the rumors of new products have me wondering what she has cooked up!




Tulips has a fundraising campaign running, over at indiegogo. Here is a portion of the text at indiegogo…

Hello! We are Emme and Farmer Chris!
Have you ever been presented with that preverbal fork in the road? The one that has a “safe” path and a “road less travelled” so to speak? We found ourselves staring at that fork recently and we decided we wanted to take the road less travelled.

This last year a half has dramatically changed our lives. Emme was a life long academic with years of University level teaching under her belt and Chris was a farmer and a chef. Then there was a car accident and things changed everywhere. Emme spent the last year and a half (and counting) recooperating from a roll over car accident that left her with a TBI (traumatic brain injury) that affects her speech and her memory just to name a few. Since the accident she has been going through various therapies to improve her damaged speech and memory functions. Along the way she retaught herself how to follow recipes using soap making as a hobby to do so. Since we had to become full time stay at farm people we decided to try selling the soaps after friends commented how great they were. So we launched Naugty Goat Soaps. Next thing we knew, it was a big hit! We now sell online, at a few select retail shops and at our local farm market. This has been the support that helped to carry us financially through the loss of income we had from her no longer being able to teach. And now, we come to the fork in the road…

Tulips is a lovely store located in Viroqua, WI and run by two amazing ladies. It started tiny and grew into a bigger store front and is three years plus in the making. Tulips is an eclectic mix of local artists and crafters showcasing their hand made products on the shelves making for unique, one of a kind gifts and useful items. This shop has supported and encouraged local craftsmen for over three years now and we will be honored to continue that tradition. Erika and Erin have now chosen to take their own forks in the road and needed new stewards for Tulips. We initially thought how awesome! But we weren’t sure how we could manage the purchase. Through some negotiation and some planning we have found a way and are now taking this fork in the road to a real store front for Naughty Goat as well as a continuation of the lovely Tulips.

Hence, the birth of Tulips General Store! We cannot express how excited and a bit terrified we are at the prospect of owning our own store, but we are dedicated to keeping Tulips open and having it provide a store front launch pad for Naughty Goat. With your help, we can make the opening a great success!

Additionally, contributors, even those far away, are rewarded with various gifts from Emme and Chris, as a thank you for helping them open their doors and share what they know and love with their local and ‘net communities. Those of you that are familiar with them, please share the news with others.

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