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The new H7N9 Avian Influenza is being viewed by HHS as a possible hemorrhagic bird flu, with over 70% chance of a multi-organ death and bleed out, and near 100% chance of death for adults without access to a forced air medical ventilator.

Did you get that? Near 100% chance of death without medical grade ventilator assistance for adults, coupled with major bleed out. If one doesn’t kill you, the other will.

I’ve been following POTR Blog for a long time, now. This H7N9 “possibility” for next year (with current cases in China right now) has HHS, FEMA and CDC undertaking studies and contract requests for a previously un-attempted buy-up of major medical supplies and the prepositioning of medical teams and assets, some at a 48 hour notice.

This video from POTRBlog today though, revs up the game.

“What does the government do when it is expecting a massive Hemorrhagic H7N9 Avian Influenza pandemic and simultaneously expects a pandemic related national blood shortage??? Well, they award Cellphire a $57 million dollar cost plus contract for Thrombosomes.”

The award of this contract is a serious piece of news. It further bolsters the case for a strong pre-pandemic campaign to secure the States against the flu. It also means that creative preparations are laced within the tests, solicitations for performance and general plans to beat this thing before it gets a real start. (It also adds credibility to the thought that it all might go south in one huge domino failure.)

Hemorrhagic fevers and related diseases create multiple bleeds within their victims, and these lesions are most deadly when internal. Platelets, our body’s blood clotting soldiers, are prevvented from working, destroyed outright, or overburdened with attempts to stop bleeding within critical organs. These hemorrhages can not be stopped by the application of topical pressure. They can not be stopped with items like Celox and QuickClot, either. There are simply too many sites to treat, too small to handle and no way to reach them. Cellphire’s Thrombosome fix my be the cat’s meow. We can hope. Not only might it be a life saver in the fight to stop H7N9, but it may work for others such as Ebola.

Good news? Considering it is experimental, who knows? But I’d hazard a guess that someone watching his family’s life sough away from various sores and body openings would gladly give it a chance.

Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the article at POTRBlog. Near 100% of his notices of this sort are backed by links to source documents.

Here is a list of some POTRBlog article titles, to give you some idea of how doggedly he is tracking this thing. You’ll be amazed at the source documents he pulls from government and commercial sites (mostly gov, though).

From June 2013 to current day.


Additional personal prepping note:

In an earlier article, POTRBlog discussed the efficiency of a few types of devices at limiting the presence of virus particles within a home. We are considering using his information and purchasing one of these Swordfish 1800RM UV-C sterilizers. Not only for deadly virus attenuation, but for general purification of the air in our home. In conjunction with a good HEPA filtering system, we feel we can rid ourselves of most of the garbage that builds up and concentrates in our air.

We can get a two-fer out of that purchase, in that the device is usable in regular times, and for truly serious biological events. The Swordfish appears to be a 100% first-pass kill for viruses, and pretty darned good at wiping out mold spores within two passes. I am of the mind that most of the “bad days” we experience are due to our life styles. Not enough freash air and too much of the “normal” air loaded with minor respiratory annoyances, which gang together to put us down.


2 comments to H7N9 and the Call to Awake from POTRblog.com

  • Pat in Florida

    I applaud the vaccine program and the government taking the threat seriously.People tend to underestimate the threat a pandemic can be, but consider the Incas and Indigenous Americans.. in only 2 years a 4000-year-old civilization (Inca) was for the most part decimated by smallpox.. and Europeans only arrived in America around 500 years ago. It’s believed that about 90% of Native Americans perished in about 2 years from smallpox. I have to say though, I haven’t heard about H7N9 being a particularly hemorrhagic illness.. and of course I hope it doesn’t become that.Also, those Captcha are pretty bad.

  • This one is scary. Sometimes the old stuff is the worse stuff. I need more Purell, bleach, and a couple of other things to fill in a couple gaps.


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