Have You Seen PORT-Blog?

Pissin’ On The Roses isn’t exactly the name I would have chosen for a blog that publishes information geared towards educating the public at large about various large scale threats. But I can’t think of another name, so I’ll let them keep it. (When I come up with one, I’ll let them know…. )  🙂

I was first drawn to it by the reporting on the Fukushima disaster, and the blog’s detection of radioactive materials coming over via the Jet Stream.

Now they are sharing information on H7N9 -the new bird flu, which prmised to be nearly 100% fatal for adults without access to a forced ventilator device.

Today’s article claims that EVERY American will be subject to experimental vaccination against this bug, with a pair of injections, using heavily adjuvanted drugs. 600 million doses will be needed. 512,000 million needles are being ordered, with the balance already existing in stocks.

I won’t bore you with the details. If you are interested, you’ll head over to the blog via THIS LINK to the article in mention. His own article has three links to offficial sites supporting the information he presents, along with more.

Go read. Then, let me know what you think.

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