Interesting Idea for a Bomb Shelter

I had to laugh at the creativity! Gotta love this. I found it while searching for some items on E-bay. Some people describe their bunkers for sale as “submarines.” This is a different take.

E-Bay underground bunker...

“Here’s the deal…. I took the motor and outdrive off this cruiser and the rest is for sale. The electric and plumbing is in place and should be ready to hook up to 12 volt. You could put a generator where the motor was or do 110 volt supply. Has storage for water, fuel, etc. It has a bathroom, kitchen, dinning and a seperate bedroom compartment. I don’t want any responsibility for the use as a underground shelter but if the hole was dug…I will deliever and back up to the hole and let the boat slide in. Also would forget where I delievered the thing, if you get my drift.”

Hoist the main sail!

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