Explosives in Breast Implants?

By http://www.flickr.com/photos/earthworm/In this ARTICLE from the Mirror UK, we read about a current threat regarding terrorist bombing efforts at Heathrow, undertaken by placing a bomb within a breast implant (or two).

I wonder what has taken so long?

A while back, I was considering how the bad guys might try to get around our security efforts – specifically, airport security. I was looking at the possibility of taking a flight – and I was feeling a tad vulnerable. It struck me as odd that they haven’t tried to set something off at the check in lines, ticket counters, or even the security lines. Why try so hard to actually get on the plane? Beyond that, thought, I thought  it wouldn’t be surprising if a bomb did make its way onto a plane as “carry on”, within a body cavity. After all, they only need to package the stuff for easy insertion and retrieval, and they’re on their way. Everyone comes with a cavity or two for re-purposing.

But now we have boob bombs on the radar. Implants? There are various types for various “enhancements”. But those are surgically placed, and would require some fancy controls, and obviously a careful lifestyle prior to the ultimate careless act.

If the orificial deposition method were to be used, more than one individual could “carry” the material onto a plane, and combine them in flight. Scary stuff. And not too difficult to conceive. Seems more efficient, somehow. But, they never have been too bright, right?

It would drive the industry absolutely NUTS. A plane goes down over the sea. Wreckage is hard to locate and there is really no way of telling how the bomb got on board. No way to determine exactly how is was built and set off.

The effect on our own liberties would be extreme, and the bad guys would get what they want – massive disruption of our lives here within the “Great Satan”.

One more reason NOT to fly. I’d hate to be on the history making flight.

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