Quad Copter Project

A colleague at work builds multi-rotor copters. His latest creations utilize 4 rotors, carry cameras, and dive into the ocean. Well, that last bit about the ocean was an impromptu trick his tri-copter attempted. The up-side-down video from under water, of him approaching and retrieving the thing from a tidal pool, was hilarious.

I used to build R/C ships. Taking a plan drawing and converting it into production schematics was something I liked to do. With the interesting things builders are doing with copters, I’m itching to try my hand at those. Good for me that radio tech and copter parts have advanced and come down in price. The controller board recommended by my colleague is under $30. On board programming with an LCD display, push button control and a good pedigree behind it.

Quad from Heliguy.com

Picture from heliguy.com

So, very soon, I’ll be ordering up some parts and having at it. Whatever configuration the beast takes on, it’ll end up here, in all its repulsive glory, for your review.

Yes, there is a reason for this. I’m a believer in the leveraging of technology to multiply our natural capabilities. Running security checks on business, farm and ranches, retreats and BOLs would be enhanced by the presence of a flying camera. It can go where a human may not want to venture, and if built correctly, it might not even be noticed.

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