12 A/C for Your Van?

A YouTube video from The Low Buck Prepper.

Interesting video. He get 78 degree air from the outlet in 90 degree weather. His cooling medium is 4 small frozen plastic water bottles. Warm air forced in, cool air out.

Simple idea, that begs for tinkering. I haven’t built one, but I might. If I do, it is likely I’ll play expert and try a few modifications.

First, I’d go with a shorter up stack. The longer a tube, the slower the fluid moving through it. Maybe elbow height, with a bent union (flares to a larger size) to help air flow at the exit?

Second, I’d use metal containers inside. Maybe water frozen in soup cans and a few #10s. Reasoning? Plastic is an insulator, compared to metal. Metal transfers heat much quicker, so ice in a can would absorb heat faster, cooling the air that much faster. Second, smaller cans in place of a few big cans would provide a greater surface area, so the heat transfer efficiency would rise. Why #10s? Just a thought… if the bottom were lined with the smaller cans, the larger could sit on top. How about a grate with holes cut for small cans, to keep them upright and spread apart? Hmmmm.

Third, I’d see about sealing the lid a bit tighter, though it’s probably just fine – being as it was designed to provide some sort of a seal to start with.

Other thoughts? A small fan at the exit to pull what’s being pushed? A baffle inside that directs the incoming air completely to the bottom and let free from there? As much cooling mass inside as possible, since BTU absorption depends on the reserve capacity available.

Overall, a neat idea.

….Aaaaaand later, this thing!

Yeah, the Redneck in me wants one.


I do….

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