When is Prepping Not?

When the poop has hit the fan, that’s when.

Prepping seems to be taking on a new definition lately. I’ve read a few articles describing camping out as prepping. Same with bugging out (except as a test), bugging in and taking vacation.

Is this a grammar cop thing? Maybe. But distinctions exist for a reason, so I’m writing about this tiny little inconsequential distinction.

To be ready to tackle an issue, any issue, you need to prepare for it. Tests in school, a recital, a job interview, a day in court – all these things require planning and preparation before the event. When show time arrives, it is no longer preparation, but PERFORMANCE.

Your preps – equipment, skill set, knowledge and wisdom – transform into resources that are hopefully suited to the task, when bad things happen. This is true even for something like your savings – which should be able to hold you over during hard economic times. You could even consider that spare tire under your car as a preparedness item. (Have you checked that it is properly inflated? Does you no good to replace a flat with a flat.)

I think my buggaboo about the misuse of the term “prepping” is that it becomes a game, or something trivial. It isn’t. Securing your LIFE is serious business, even if it is something fun to do. It’s importance, for those that understand its value, shouldn’t be minimized. Why? Mostly, I suppose, because minimizing it works against the all important transition from prepping to surviving. If that change is not a conscious act, the “game” will continue as some sort of self-securing fantasy that is supposed to save the individual just as a matter of it’s being played.

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  • Boils down, I think, to the fact that what the mainstream media, and those that agree with their agenda, don’t like, that they can’t demonize, they trivialize. Anything to make the masses less likely to look into the matter and make their own decisions.

    Just my opinion.

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