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One of the upgrades done to a home in order to make it more secure is the double-sided steel door, or steel clad door. They can be plain or decorative, but each is a steel shell with a hard foam or wooden core. They take quite a beating from hammers and saws, and make it hard for the average criminal to gain entrance.

With advanced criminals learning to take advantage of police-styled “dynamic entry” methods and tools, it is worth the time to look at what happens to a steel clad door when hit by a police battering ram. The following picture shows what can be done.

SteelDoorDynamicEntryFrom the picture, we can see the both the dead bolt and the door striker gave way when the outer layer of steel was peeled back. This was accomplished by the ram shoving the body of the door inward while the locking mechanisms held temporarily. The two bolts resisted by hanging fast into the jamb, which isn’t seen here. It appears that the jamb held. As the door was forced in, the steel shell peeled back enough to let the locking mechanisms distort to the point of failure.

Had the door not warped, the officers would be faced with either a breaking jamb, or the opportunity to look for another means of entry.

All in all, I’d say the system worked fairly well. For it to be fool proof, I would recommend that the doorway be fitted with a metal rod that settles into the floor via a metal cup mounted there, and into one in the ceiling as well. The cups need to be placed within solid structural member such as subfloor, tile or concrete at the base, and a ceiling joist at the top.

The idea behind this method is to insert the rod up into the ceiling mount, swing the bottom of the rod over and into the lower mount, and let it settle. The rod, being captured at both ends, should be up against the back of the door as close as possible. If the mid point it manufactured thick enough to close the gap between rod and door, so much the better. In order for the door to be breeched, the rod itself would need to be displaced. I’m not sure that could be done without removing the entire door frame from the house, because the rod will not sheer, and the mounts can only move if the floor /foundation and ceiling both failed.

Use two of these, one each near the latch and hinges, and the door is very effectively “barred”. Tell Katy to try that trick.

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  • Lot of good info here lately. Thank you.

    This article is particularly timely, considering the number of home invasions by criminals, and police incursions at the wrong address. Anything that stops or delays entry in either situation is good.

    Just my opinion.

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