Monkey See – Monkey Do

Police raids are in the news more and more for their violence, lack of care for those being raided, dog killings – and all of these no-knock raids appear to be fashion shows for the latest military sales to police departments across the land. It’s as if the best stories of abuse are justification for greater efforts at the same.

One does bad, gets away with it – and another seeks to top it.

Criminals conducting home invasions also are taking cues from violent police raids. Uniforms and camo get-ups, police scripts and more are used to help gain entry into homes. Both the bad guys and the good guys take advantage of the weaknesses in home security. Doors and windows are broken open, and security doors are pried from their frames. In most cases, it only takes a few seconds for violent men to enter and work their will upon the occupants.

Home security of some sort is needed to slow entry. So much depends on the floor plan, door and window placement, and the overall shape of entry areas. It can be a difficult thing to harden a home, so that you have time to think and respond.

I threw these thoughts down after reading the article listed here. Go take a read. It is long, but filled with information about invasions. The bad guys in this article are militarized cops doing one of a number of distasteful things. Generally, “procedure”, “policy” and precedent are used to justify what still are rude and horrible things. But don’t focus too much on the who, as bad as it is. Look at the “what”, and how criminals may use police tactics to fool you into submission, and so just about anything to you and your family. You have a right to defend your home, and that includes keeping the bad guy out long enough to do whatever it is you believe is necessary to keep your life.

“Why Did You Shoot Me? I was Reading a Book.”

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