Russian Boomers To Begin Patrolling

Boomers. Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines. The deadliest and most powerful weapon systems ever developed, have largely been the operating bragging rights of the USA. The downfall of the USSR saw the decline of Russian submarine operations excepts for a few high profile “discoveries” made by older boats.

Now they have the first of a new class of nuke boat, though its roots are in the 90s.

Credit: Reuters Alexander Demianchuk

From Reuters:  Russia to send nuclear submarines to southern seas.

From, Jan 10 of this year.

“MOSCOW – The Russian navy on Thursday hoisted its flag on a new nuclear powered submarine intended to form a key part of the country’s future nuclear deterrent. It is part of an ambitious weapons modernization effort that comes as the military is preparing for a naval exercise off Syria’s shores.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the war games in the Mediterranean will be the biggest such exercise since Soviet times and involve ships from all four Russian fleets. The maneuvers have been seen as a demonstration of Russian naval power and a show of support for an old ally, whom Moscow has shielded from international sanctions.

Shoigu made the statement after commissioning the new Yury Dolgoruky nuclear submarine, which carries 16 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). It is the first of a new series of Borei-class submarines that will replace older Soviet-built ships. Another submarine of the same type is currently undergoing sea trials and two others are now under construction.”

Image of a Borei (Borey), from Wikipedia

They will be the first 4 of 8 to enter service by 2020. It takes a while to build these things, so the fact that the second is undergoing trials, which normally means that problems found will be handled carefully in dock before certification is issued, should not be taken lightly. The second boat will deploy relatively soon, as compared to the construction delays that generally hit Russian shipyards (see the next article).

Putin says that their will be a compliment to the Boreis, the Yasen hinter-killer subs, built to locate and sink our own Boomers. They plan to spend $657B dollars on their entire modernization program through 2020.

Feb 27, 2013 – From VZ.RU, via, comes:

Russian Navy will get three nuclear submarines in 2013: two nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines of the project 955 Borei-class and one nuclear multipurpose attack submarine of the project 885 Yasen-class, a high-ranking representative of defence industry complex said.

He reminded that the industrial sector had to deliver two submarines Alexandr Nevsky (project 955) and Severodvinsk (project 885) as early as in 2012. Nevertheless the dates of delivery were rescheduled for the next year as a result of circumstances.


It would appear that the second Borei will make it onto the active list.  Speaking of active lists – this article from the Armed Forces Journal in 2009 makes for a great comprehensive review. Some keys points to note are that in 2008, there wer 10 SSBNs (boomers), 22 SSNs and SSKs (hunter /killers) and 1 CGN (guided missile cruiser). These are a mix of old an older, with some having been pushed through modernization programs designed to keep them serviceable through 2020.

While Defense Talk said, in an article from mid 2009, that there were 12 SSBNs in the Russian inventory, only 8 SSBNs were serviceable (combat ready). We can see that in the last few years, the programs that were on hold are finally coming to fruition. Expect to see more from their shipyards, now that the heart of the old USSR is beating strongly and flush with cash from massive sales of oil and weapon systems to its friends.

Hmmm… I wonder if we were to utilize all of our oil production capacity, to tap the worlds 2nd largest reserves right here at home – if we could flood the market, depress prices, increase our home-grown productivity, and take a huge bite out of Russian and Ali-Baba and his 40 thieves’ oil profits? Sounds like a sound strategic course to me.

“How Does This Apply To Me?”

Are you asking yourself this question? Is the specter of nuclear holocaust tapping his damnable bony finger on your shoulder? I’ll tell you in what direction this bit of news sends my thoughts. Right down the line they have been taking for months, now.


Yes, my article has taken a while to get up here. It will be a while yet. I have quite a few things to take care of first, but you can do reading on the net for more information. Those big nuke subs can and do carry city-killer, city-busters, massively destructive warheads of violent power. Some of the missiles may be able to carry 10 separate devices. But they don’t have to be used to break us up. Some might serve as EMP generators, forcing us into “negotiations”. The bulk of them, then, would be available for the aftermath of failures in those negotiations.

If I were me, and I am, I would continue to look at preps for an EMP strike. Honestly, I believe such an attack would come from a third world Jihadi source, conducted by, or fueled and supported by places like Iran, China or NK. Still, I have not been able to ignore the steady and effective progress that the Russians have made with their various nuclear upgrades. Mobile launchers that can operate in forests, strategic nukes with evasive maneuver capability throughout the terminal phase, newer and quieter boomers… the list contains weapons programs en-mass, and that’s just for delivery systems. So, while I have been looking at the sneaky little guys, the truly sinister specter might turn out to be my old opponent, in a newly “trans-mortified” embodiment. The guy we thought was just kicking back and sucking profits from his habitually expanding capitalistic endeavors may have been setting the board for a winning series of moves. Either way, be it from the little quacks or the big Russian, EMP is the first and sneakiest move. If we aren’t ready for that, we can’t possibly be ready for what comes after.







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  • Harkens back to he days of a “Missile Gap”. Only we’re no longer even in the race. Our programs are being cut drastically, while Russia, China, and a few others are turning out new and improved armaments and munitions on a daily basis. Simply a matter of time before the weapons are used. On us.

    Just my opinion.

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