Puyallup, Washington Sics Police on Parents

Not really. But, they did take that approach for a training exercise. Somehow, angry parents now warrant a police response since they are obviously the central power in crime in America. Shooting drills with a ticked-off mom as the target – are they really necessary in America? What about free speech? I know some women come born with assault-mouths, but they are hardly weapons against anything other than the receiver’s ears.

Read the article and watch the video.

The only real answers to this are:

  • Continuing to scream at school “authorities”
  • Taking it to City Hall
  • Confronting the Police Chief
  • A “March on the Principle’s Office”
  • Home Schooling

Every step of activist power desensitizes us all to further insanity by those we put in charge. Hmmm. Guess it’s past time to kick them out and send them to the unemployment line.



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